Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Quest: Part 11

Challenger: Steak 'n Shake (Las Vegas)
Reigning Champ: The Habit/Umami

I am going way back to August when Wes and I road-tripped to Utah with Jill and Paul Duncan. On our way through Vegas I remembered not just one but at least 2 friends suggest a place called "Steak 'n Shake". So I called up one of these friends to get some details on where to find this place they loved so much and what to get there. After hearing their burgers were made of actual steak and they were pretty well known for their milkshakes, I was pretty excited.

 Strike1: Walking through South Point Hotel to get into the restaurant. Their is little else to me more unappetizing than the smell of stale cigarettes. It totally didn't help that one of my favorite places ever, Capriottis, was literally down the street from here. Not in a stinky hotel either. 

Strike 2: We nicknamed the burgers, beef jerky burgers, because the patty's were literally smashed down so much they were no thicker than a piece of jerky. Great, you have steak burgers. However they were so thin not a single one of us felt like we could even taste any meat on our burgers.

Strike 3: For being well know for their milkshakes not a single one of us even had the desire to finish what we got. Sub par at best I would say. While we are not foodies by any standard, these milkshakes did nothing for my or the rest of my parties pallets. 

Consensus: There was not a single reason to go back to beef jerky burger, I mean Steak 'n Shake, besides maybe the price. It sure was cheap, but you definitely get what you pay for in my humble opinion. Price alone would not bring me back. As it was we left most of our food uneaten on the table or in the toilet, if you get my drift. 

Steak 'n Shake will be placed at the bottom of my must-eat burger list. Thumbs down from Wes too. 

I also sent a text to my friend on the way out and said if we ever go out to eat, I am choosing the restaurant. 

Monday, October 27, 2014

Onward Toward October

I need to finish up September being that October is almost done. Which is truly unbelievable to me. I am seriously never on the computer anymore. Wes is usually working on here during the day. And since our DVD player is broken, our bunny ears to watch TV are broken, and our X-Box is broken, we do all our evening shows on here too. I usually get on the computer at night and since it is currently always being occupied until about midnight with Brooklyn 99, The Blacklist or The Voice, I am sorely behind. With my explanation out of the way, I will do my monthly random post that no one probably ever reads but I do anyway.

Before Disneyland got too crazy with all the Halloween visitors and Trick-or-Treaters we hit it up a few times at the beginning of the month. I think we will wait until after Halloween to go back.

Grammy got Peyton this hat (which she might wear everywhere) and she loved all the attention she got at Disneyland. So many people thought that the braid was her real hair, which was pretty funny since in reality she is a cotton-headed-ninny-muggins. And her day was made when a little boy just kept staring at her and said to his mom so excited, "she looks exactly like Elsa!"
 Also, the only rides Peyton is not afraid of at Disneyland are Small World, Winnie the Pooh, the Carousel, and The Haunted Mansion. Weirdo. She loved The Nightmare Before Christmas ride, and Zero now goes everywhere with us... you know the ghost dog.

I also know I failed to mention the little fact that we got a new car (In August)! What?!?!?!?!?!?!? And it's a blessed minivan. I know I am almost 30, with 2 kids, and a minivan. I turn in my cool card, and I am totally cool with it. We LOVE our van and it was a wonderful decision. The only problem is I want another new car now so bad. I hate driving our old car and want to replace it stat. One day.

Wes and I did our typical movie and dinner date in Irvine one night. I know I am lucky to date Bradly Cooper. I joke but I think he got told that like 2-3 times that night alone.

One Saturday afternoon my mom invited all the family to join her at her company picnic at Newport Beach. We went but didn't really know what to expect. It was AWESOME! They had a ton of good food and drinks you could have as much as you wanted. Popsicles, popcorn, and treats. A face painter and balloon maker. A rock wall, and big slide as well as an arcade room. They had games, and bingo with prizes. It was right in the bay so they had kayaks, boats, and stand up paddle boards... which was awesome and so much fun. Plus they had a roped off area for swimming plus a bunch of life vests. We had so much fun!

And like I already mentioned, Miss Peyton got her cast off.

I kept meaning to do a post on this, but for both Peyton's and Asher's birthdays we decided to take the 2 of them to Scandia. We didn't realize how pricey it was and how lame it was going to be and how abysmal the costumer service was. I could go on and on about my annoyance that night,  but let me just say I do not recommend it especially if you bring little ones with you... like Jovie.  However both Peyton and Asher had a wonderful time, so for that reason alone I suppose it was a success.

We also had some friends come down from Utah so we attempted to hang out with them. They left the beach before we got there so we hung out at Newport for a while and then met them at their timeshare and swam in the resort pool for a while. It was so fun to catch up and meet their cute kids too.
 Peyton had so much sand in her suit she looked like she was about to lay an egg. I can't even fathom how uncomfortable that most have felt.

Peyton asked me to take her photo... and how could I resist?

Wes has had a lot of opportunities to golf and was even part of a winning team with a few guys from our ward. Peyton has never been more proud of her daddy. I mean, he did win a trophy.

Jovie learned how to take a selfie, and my phone was blessed to have about 50 photos on it just like these of that funny little face.

Had one of the best Friday nights picnicking with pizza and snacks while fishing by the lake at sunset. It was as amazing as it sounds.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

A Day at the County Fair

September is funny to me. It is the end of summer, it is too hot to be fall; so it kind of is just time to kill in order for the good stuff to start. However, its one redeeming grace is the L.A. county fair, which comes during the month. And if there is one thing I love, its the fair! I love the displays, I used to love the rides before I got old and sick on everything that is. I love the big slide. I LOVE the greasy weird food that makes me sick all night. I love all things that end in derby or race. I love the animals and freak shows. So I basically I love it all. I really do!

This year we went as part of a preschool group, that included all of our Todd cousins, and most of my siblings and parents. So, it became a family affair. Which is also something I love. Spending time with my funny family. We enjoyed the high flying pirate adventure, the camping/outdoor area, drumming, and super hero displays. Wes and I didn't go too crazy on the food this year either. A lemonade, and fried pickles is all. We also made a quick stop to see our own quilt on display. Sandie (who made it for us last year) asked if she could enter it. Of course we said yes, and it was a real treat to see it. I have no idea how it didn't win anything. Honestly, it is the COOLEST I-spy quilt.

Yes, September is something to look forward to I suppose. Thank you for that carnie filled fair.

Peyton and a few of her male cousins. 
 Peyton thinks Iron Man is as cool as Asher, which is saying a lot. She really wanted to be Iron Man for Halloween. Which is funny because in reality she has no idea who he is.
 You'll also notice every picture of her Asher is nearby. She has what some might call a slight love affair with this cousin of hers. She thinks she is going to marry him when she's older. I haven't broken the bad news to her yet.
 Jovie too is developing quite a fondness for her Broberg counterpart. These two are so dang cute together and are becoming quite good chums.
 For my family..... the Banana Split Lizard. Yeah baby!
 Cap'n Jack Sparrow... a new love of Peyton's now too.
 Checking off Wilderness requirements to get an awesome Smokey the Bear hat.
 Our I-Spy quilt hanging behind her. Plus Browny the dog thanks to Asher's skills and kindness.
 I had to end with my favorite shot from the day. Happiness on the swings.