Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Long Live The Summer

Well even though it still feels like Summer, as in over 100 degrees, I suppose technically Summer and obviously August is through. Our Summer had a slow, boring start, but ended with a bang. And it is still going. In fact, I think we will go swimming tomorrow. Should be another scorcher.

Because it was so blazing hot most of August we had to be creative and find things to do inside our home or places with good a/c. Which really meant we became creative.

The girls had me make them a tent (which stayed up pretty much all week--- my house looked goooood), then they got all dressed up and had an animal tea party. Jovie just does whatever Peyton tells her, and most of the time we have to improvise our game as she wanders away. Jovie almost always prefers to act like a dog instead of a human.
 We busted out a lot of dress up stuff.
 And dressed up with some stuff that wasn't part of the actual dress-up things. Like diaper hats.
 And tutus hats.

I passed on some of my bad habits. (Don't worry people, there was only ice and water in this one).
 Had some awesome cuddle sessions with children who wake up fabulous.
Enjoyed our summer garden harvest. Okay my gardening skills are so sad. This was by far my most successful garden and all we had grow were a couple of tomatoes and a good crop of mini carrots. Oh, and one tiny cucumber. But they all tasted good and were fun to grow and even more fun to pick.
And on some of our cooler evenings (when it was only in the 90s) we even ventured out. One night we met some cousins at Cafe Rio for dinner and fountain playing. Then walked around the temple.
We ended our night with frozen custard. Until the sprinklers came on and we hauled out of there quick like. That was Peyton's favorite part and she still talks about how funny that part of the night was.
Once we got big blue off (Peyton's first cast) and instead got a cute pink waterproof cast on, we were back at the pool cooling off. Man it's a world different being in the water on a hot day. Thank goodness for modern medicine and waterproof casts.
On another fine summer evening we took my mom (for her b-day) night golfing. The entire family had a grand ole' time. My kids would not ride with Wes and me, only Nana and Boppie.
 We also spent a few nights lakeside fishing. We love that we have a lake across the street. It makes Moreno Valley very pleasant for us.
And of course took advantage of places that provide a/c and fun. Like Chick-Fila on their super hero night. I decided yet again after seeing these photos how badly I want a nice camera. Look at my Jovie girl's eyes!
Another night we headed on a triple date with some friends for yet more Cafe Rio and the Temple. This time kid free! I had to get a photo of us girls. I so enjoyed our Neapolitan look. Blonde, brunette, red-head. I am sure there are a number of jokes I could insert here.
And finally, we do our weekly library trip. Some times (most times) we are too late and get locked out of the kid story time room (lame) so my kids play on the computer. Honestly, they like doing that more. By they, I mean Peyton. Jovie just plays musical chairs and is constantly switching seats.
In August we also went to a girl in my old ward's house for her story time. She is starting a preschool and does promotional craft and story time days. They are a lot of fun!
And I guess since we don't have school until next year, our summer will keep on coming. Until it cools down and I can claim fall is here. I think it might be awhile.

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