Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Happy To Be Back

We did it. We bit the bullet (if that can really apply to happy situations) and bought our Disneyland annual passes again. I feel a little used and mistreated by Disneyland taking all my money the way they do, but man alive once it's gone I am so happy we did it. If I can forget about the obscene amount each pass costs, I like to think of each visit as a free fun day. Again, I have to have selective memory loss to make it happen.

But, with this being our last year having Peyton home all day (silent sob), Wes is around a lot since he works from home, and I don't have to buy Jovie girl a pass, it just all came together too well to pass up. We try to go about once a week and it's been awesome! The best part is not having to rush to do things or feel obligated to stay all day. Oh and we also have to get an Italian ice afterward at Joe's, which is just as grand. Yes, everything all together really does make it all feel pretty magical.

I won't blog about every trip, but did think I would share a few fun pictures from our last few times.

Yes, we did take Peyton on Tower of Terror, she shook like a leaf, I would go as far as to say it terrified her. Yet, when I asked what her favorite part of the day was, her response: "Tower of Terror is my favorite. I never want to ride it again." So the next time we went I made her go on with me, she felt the same, and even today said she can't wait to ride it again. I don't believe her. And she is still most afraid of Snow White.

 Look at both of their faces... this is my favorite photo!!!
 The new racer ride in cars land is so fun... look at those faces. I had already gone on with Peyton before this, and she certainly enjoyed it more the 2nd time around when she knew how fast it would go.

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