Thursday, August 21, 2014

Weekend Wedding

At the beginning of August one of my childhood best friends, Lindsay Pennington, was married in 
the Salt Lake City Temple. Wes and I decided to make it a weekend get-away and left the kids with friends and family (thank you again) and had a great weekend away. We drove with our friends Jill and Paul Duncan, which made the ride there and back fast and very enjoyable. Especially when Jill read funny Amazon review novels out loud to us all. Or when Paul drove all night to get us home in record time. The fact they have an angel baby was good too. Seriously, does he ever cry?!

On the way there we stopped to eat at a few new food places, which came recommended. Some which were as good as we expected, and others which were not. More on the not so good burger quest later.

The wedding was a two day event, so we hung close to the Salt Lake area to be able to do it all. Luckily Wes' uncle Ross (who was down here the week before the wedding) let us stay with them in Bountiful, which worked out marvelously.

The actual wedding was Friday. I love being in the actual sealing as it makes me reminisce on my own wedding and the feelings I had then and the growth we've had as a couple since. Michael loves Lindsay a lot and it was very apparent during their ceremony. I am so happy to see Lindsay so well loved and can't wait to get to know Michael a little better in the coming years.

After the sealing Wes and I along with his sister Ashleigh went and had lunch at The Lion House Pantry, which is Brigham Young's personal residence as well as delicious. The sweet girls working there really hooked it up with their rolls, which are simply heavenly.

After lunch and changing in the parking garage where we parked Wes and I walked around Temple Square enjoying the Church's office building and observation deck, shopping at the new City Creek Mall, going quickly through the art museum and finally after being thoroughly worn out going back to Bountiful for naps before hitting the town again.

After some naps and a brief relaxation sesh, we met back up with Jill and Paul and went into Park City. We were hoping to do Olympic Park but it was closed for an event and pretty late by the time we got there. So we ate at Sammy's Bistro which was a good choice. It was highly ranked on Yelp so we decided to try it out. I am not going to lie, we were not that excited for it when first looking at the menu. After we placed our order we noticed Guy Fieri from the Food Network had stopped in there, which heightened our anticipation. Then our food came and the yelp reviews and TV show star's visit all began to make sense. It was so much better than I had hoped. I would and plan on definitely returning. Since we couldn't do much after we ended our night with ice cream and headed home.

Saturday the reception wasn't until the evening so we had the day to play before going into Heber. We spent the morning on Jordanelle lake boating with Wes' family. His sister Ashleigh and her family recently moved there, so Wes' mom and sister Jaime (and her two youngest) were there too. We didn't do too much on the lake because by the time (after the rest of the family) a lightening storm had come in and we realized we were one of the few boats still out. So we headed in and went back to Ashleigh's house to get ready for the reception. Sadly I realized (too late) that I had left my clothes I planned to wear in Ross' car so we hit up Walmart to throw together an outfit.

The reception was gorgeous. Seriously beautiful and included the world's biggest sparklers and real fireworks. Like I said awesome!

I am so grateful we could make it. I am so grateful I have people in my life willing to take my kids for a few days because my goodness it is good for the soul to get away with the hubby for a while. I was so not ready to get back to reality and am highly anticipating our next get-away after all the fun we had. It is amazing how you feel like kids again being alone. Needless to say it was a good time!!!

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Devin & Lindsay said...

You girls are all so gorgeous! What a fun weekend!