Thursday, August 14, 2014

Summer Lovin'

Since Peyton's doctor visit went so late Sunday night we decided to spend the night at the Huefner's and join them and Wes' uncle and family, The Gubler's, for a fun day. I think we are just in the process of making this an annual thing... see here for last years visit. Really one of the reasons we did the doctors in Camarillo that night was so we could play the next day.

And while I know it drives Ross and the Gubler's crazy how slowly we move, I am not going to lie when I say it was a fabulous, easy-going, and thoroughly enjoyable day. Plus spending an entire day at the beach with a newly "casted" little girl was not my ideal day. So basically the way it all worked out for me was puuuuurfect.

To begin our ummmm "morning" we brunched at one of our favorite Camarillo spots, The Airport Cafe. The food is fabulous, and they have this fun run-way waiting area where the kids are free to expend all their energy prior to eating and we get to sit and watch the small air crafts come in.
Jovie girl surprisingly did not care too much about the running around but rather found herself a cozy spot to watch the airplanes. Can you spot her?
How about now?
Let's do a close-up of that little cutie pie. Sitting all alone and just enjoying herself.
What a fabulous family we have. I love each of them to pieces and pieces. I am so grateful my kids have such wonderful cousins that take care of them and are their best friends.
 After breakfast we decided to meet up with family at the beach. It was pretty late at this point, I had nothing to wear as this was a last minute trip and Peyton had to become a bag lady to avoid getting her arm wet or dirty. But regardless we still had a fun time chatting on the beach while the kids ran around, dug and did whatever they did.
 Don't judge us as we were at the mercy of clothes that simply fit and could be borrowed. Okay, Wes always looks like a movie-star but us girls look a little homeless and like boys and that's okay by us.
Finally we ended our day at the Santa Monica Pier eating overpriced gross food. Riding the Ferris Wheel (which was not a thrilling thought to about half the family- read fear of heights to an emotional breakdown point), walking around and enjoying the views and of course ending our stop with a funnel cake.
 Seriously, her face right?! And her outfit right?!
Which by the way Peyton fell asleep while eating said funnel cake. What?! She obviously was not overly impressed. And I can count on my fingers the number of times this ever happens so I was in heaven holding this big girl of mine. Until I had to pass her off because she is not so little anymore.

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