Sunday, August 24, 2014

Mormon Night at Quakes

I am sure most people in the Inland Empire who are LDS will be doing this exact same post.... cuz' I am pretty sure I saw every person I've ever gone to church with there. I mean everyone. Which makes a simple bathroom trip a really fun adventure. I wasn't even sad to take Jovie out to walk out her wiggles because I got to talk to so many old friends.

I pretty much didn't see Peyton the whole night since her cousins were there and when they are around, Wes and I are pretty much useless. And they had candy, so......

Jovie roamed between her two sets of grandparents, which is really fun. Both for her, I hope for them, and definitely for us. And did I mention this was her first time with pigtails, and it made my life complete, she was just so cute!

Plus ending the night with fireworks is simply awesome.

So... if you were the one person who did not make it to the game this year, look into it next year. It's pretty fun!

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