Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Goodbye Summer... Hello Hard Cast

To preface what I am about to write I first must say I am not sure how this keeps happening. First stitches, now not 1 but 2 broken bones (same fall, but still...). And the reason I find this so incredulous is because I am so overprotective. I am that mom that hovers saying, "Be careful. Don't jump off that. Slow down." And yet injuries keep occurring. Maybe I am not as overprotective as I think. Or maybe my kid is just really accident prone. Regardless, it is what it is.

So many of you are already well aware that my sweet little Peyton fractured both bones in her lower forearm, near her wrist. I would love to give you a detailed account of precisely what happened but the truth is that neither Wes or I really know, as neither of us saw it happen. Whoops. See, not that overprotective. (I so am).

The story I got from Wes' 22 year old cousin who was in fact there goes like this. He was jumping with all the little kids on the trampoline at Jaime and Matt's house (we were all there for Brody's baby blessing). They had the netting around it, but due to weather and elements it was no longer attached to the bottom. (Really I guess the lesson here is don't jump on a trampoline on Sunday). Jacob (the elder cousin) was aware of the small kids and asked them to sit on the side of the tramp while he bounced one of the younger kids. Peyton unaware of the effects of being too close to the side while they jumped was bounced right off and apparently rolled under the netting and straight off the side landing directly on the wood border right on her arm. Jacob heard her cry, and from inside the house I heard her whimpering, "I want my mommy," so I walked out to see what happened. She didn't start crying until I held her. My thoughts were that she was tired and a little emotional and her cry was a little forced. So I didn't think much of it.

Peyton's story is simply, " I rolled off the trampoline onto the wood." She first told us that and both Wes and I imagined her rolling across the entire circumference of the trampoline right off the side.

However, while she seemed fine and not too bothered by it, her arm swelled pretty instantly and she was favoring it and not using it about an hour after it happened. I didn't want to take her into the hospital, and Jaime agreed with me. She seemed happy enough, was saying it didn't hurt her when we squeezed it and moved it. Matt and Wes were worried, mostly because of the swelling. So, Wes took her into the E.R. near their house in Camarillo. They got her in, gave her a bear, and had it x-rayed and diagnosed all within a hour. Wes said that while they were waiting she was playing on his phone, and during the x-rays while they were moving her arm she kept saying, "that didn't hurt," so he even apologized to the nurse and said he probably shouldn't have brought her in.

After the x-rays came the nurse assured Wes it was good they came in and showed him where there were two fractures, one on each bone. Luckily they weren't bad and would heal easily (the fractures were called torus fracture if you know anything about broken bones or want to do the research). They splinted and wrapped her and suggested seeing an Orthopedic specialist.
I've decided this girl just has a high pain threshold. Seriously, does this look like a girl who broke 2 bones? And about 10 minutes after the accident she didn't cry anymore even without meds. (She also loves the bear the hospital gave her "Fuzzy Aleman" and feels a real connection to her accident prone Huefner cousins who all have the same one).
One week later we met with the ortho doctor and darn it, we are now casted above the elbow. She loves telling her tale and even asks strangers to feel her big hard cast, telling them the expected timeline of everything. I can't help but laugh. But it sure is unfortunate that the day after we got her cast our air conditioner broke and that pool across the street keeps calling my name. 
One thing is for sure... that cast makes her cuter than ever!!! And she sure is a champ!!!

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Annette Todd said...

What a girl. And, now she'll have an interesting chapter to add to the story of her life.