Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Just Gotta Be Me....

Sometimes you have to let them just be. Mismatching shoes, mom's hat, and all.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Mormon Night at Quakes

I am sure most people in the Inland Empire who are LDS will be doing this exact same post.... cuz' I am pretty sure I saw every person I've ever gone to church with there. I mean everyone. Which makes a simple bathroom trip a really fun adventure. I wasn't even sad to take Jovie out to walk out her wiggles because I got to talk to so many old friends.

I pretty much didn't see Peyton the whole night since her cousins were there and when they are around, Wes and I are pretty much useless. And they had candy, so......

Jovie roamed between her two sets of grandparents, which is really fun. Both for her, I hope for them, and definitely for us. And did I mention this was her first time with pigtails, and it made my life complete, she was just so cute!

Plus ending the night with fireworks is simply awesome.

So... if you were the one person who did not make it to the game this year, look into it next year. It's pretty fun!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Weekend Wedding

At the beginning of August one of my childhood best friends, Lindsay Pennington, was married in 
the Salt Lake City Temple. Wes and I decided to make it a weekend get-away and left the kids with friends and family (thank you again) and had a great weekend away. We drove with our friends Jill and Paul Duncan, which made the ride there and back fast and very enjoyable. Especially when Jill read funny Amazon review novels out loud to us all. Or when Paul drove all night to get us home in record time. The fact they have an angel baby was good too. Seriously, does he ever cry?!

On the way there we stopped to eat at a few new food places, which came recommended. Some which were as good as we expected, and others which were not. More on the not so good burger quest later.

The wedding was a two day event, so we hung close to the Salt Lake area to be able to do it all. Luckily Wes' uncle Ross (who was down here the week before the wedding) let us stay with them in Bountiful, which worked out marvelously.

The actual wedding was Friday. I love being in the actual sealing as it makes me reminisce on my own wedding and the feelings I had then and the growth we've had as a couple since. Michael loves Lindsay a lot and it was very apparent during their ceremony. I am so happy to see Lindsay so well loved and can't wait to get to know Michael a little better in the coming years.

After the sealing Wes and I along with his sister Ashleigh went and had lunch at The Lion House Pantry, which is Brigham Young's personal residence as well as delicious. The sweet girls working there really hooked it up with their rolls, which are simply heavenly.

After lunch and changing in the parking garage where we parked Wes and I walked around Temple Square enjoying the Church's office building and observation deck, shopping at the new City Creek Mall, going quickly through the art museum and finally after being thoroughly worn out going back to Bountiful for naps before hitting the town again.

After some naps and a brief relaxation sesh, we met back up with Jill and Paul and went into Park City. We were hoping to do Olympic Park but it was closed for an event and pretty late by the time we got there. So we ate at Sammy's Bistro which was a good choice. It was highly ranked on Yelp so we decided to try it out. I am not going to lie, we were not that excited for it when first looking at the menu. After we placed our order we noticed Guy Fieri from the Food Network had stopped in there, which heightened our anticipation. Then our food came and the yelp reviews and TV show star's visit all began to make sense. It was so much better than I had hoped. I would and plan on definitely returning. Since we couldn't do much after we ended our night with ice cream and headed home.

Saturday the reception wasn't until the evening so we had the day to play before going into Heber. We spent the morning on Jordanelle lake boating with Wes' family. His sister Ashleigh and her family recently moved there, so Wes' mom and sister Jaime (and her two youngest) were there too. We didn't do too much on the lake because by the time (after the rest of the family) a lightening storm had come in and we realized we were one of the few boats still out. So we headed in and went back to Ashleigh's house to get ready for the reception. Sadly I realized (too late) that I had left my clothes I planned to wear in Ross' car so we hit up Walmart to throw together an outfit.

The reception was gorgeous. Seriously beautiful and included the world's biggest sparklers and real fireworks. Like I said awesome!

I am so grateful we could make it. I am so grateful I have people in my life willing to take my kids for a few days because my goodness it is good for the soul to get away with the hubby for a while. I was so not ready to get back to reality and am highly anticipating our next get-away after all the fun we had. It is amazing how you feel like kids again being alone. Needless to say it was a good time!!!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Summer Lovin'

Since Peyton's doctor visit went so late Sunday night we decided to spend the night at the Huefner's and join them and Wes' uncle and family, The Gubler's, for a fun day. I think we are just in the process of making this an annual thing... see here for last years visit. Really one of the reasons we did the doctors in Camarillo that night was so we could play the next day.

And while I know it drives Ross and the Gubler's crazy how slowly we move, I am not going to lie when I say it was a fabulous, easy-going, and thoroughly enjoyable day. Plus spending an entire day at the beach with a newly "casted" little girl was not my ideal day. So basically the way it all worked out for me was puuuuurfect.

To begin our ummmm "morning" we brunched at one of our favorite Camarillo spots, The Airport Cafe. The food is fabulous, and they have this fun run-way waiting area where the kids are free to expend all their energy prior to eating and we get to sit and watch the small air crafts come in.
Jovie girl surprisingly did not care too much about the running around but rather found herself a cozy spot to watch the airplanes. Can you spot her?
How about now?
Let's do a close-up of that little cutie pie. Sitting all alone and just enjoying herself.
What a fabulous family we have. I love each of them to pieces and pieces. I am so grateful my kids have such wonderful cousins that take care of them and are their best friends.
 After breakfast we decided to meet up with family at the beach. It was pretty late at this point, I had nothing to wear as this was a last minute trip and Peyton had to become a bag lady to avoid getting her arm wet or dirty. But regardless we still had a fun time chatting on the beach while the kids ran around, dug and did whatever they did.
 Don't judge us as we were at the mercy of clothes that simply fit and could be borrowed. Okay, Wes always looks like a movie-star but us girls look a little homeless and like boys and that's okay by us.
Finally we ended our day at the Santa Monica Pier eating overpriced gross food. Riding the Ferris Wheel (which was not a thrilling thought to about half the family- read fear of heights to an emotional breakdown point), walking around and enjoying the views and of course ending our stop with a funnel cake.
 Seriously, her face right?! And her outfit right?!
Which by the way Peyton fell asleep while eating said funnel cake. What?! She obviously was not overly impressed. And I can count on my fingers the number of times this ever happens so I was in heaven holding this big girl of mine. Until I had to pass her off because she is not so little anymore.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Goodbye Summer... Hello Hard Cast

To preface what I am about to write I first must say I am not sure how this keeps happening. First stitches, now not 1 but 2 broken bones (same fall, but still...). And the reason I find this so incredulous is because I am so overprotective. I am that mom that hovers saying, "Be careful. Don't jump off that. Slow down." And yet injuries keep occurring. Maybe I am not as overprotective as I think. Or maybe my kid is just really accident prone. Regardless, it is what it is.

So many of you are already well aware that my sweet little Peyton fractured both bones in her lower forearm, near her wrist. I would love to give you a detailed account of precisely what happened but the truth is that neither Wes or I really know, as neither of us saw it happen. Whoops. See, not that overprotective. (I so am).

The story I got from Wes' 22 year old cousin who was in fact there goes like this. He was jumping with all the little kids on the trampoline at Jaime and Matt's house (we were all there for Brody's baby blessing). They had the netting around it, but due to weather and elements it was no longer attached to the bottom. (Really I guess the lesson here is don't jump on a trampoline on Sunday). Jacob (the elder cousin) was aware of the small kids and asked them to sit on the side of the tramp while he bounced one of the younger kids. Peyton unaware of the effects of being too close to the side while they jumped was bounced right off and apparently rolled under the netting and straight off the side landing directly on the wood border right on her arm. Jacob heard her cry, and from inside the house I heard her whimpering, "I want my mommy," so I walked out to see what happened. She didn't start crying until I held her. My thoughts were that she was tired and a little emotional and her cry was a little forced. So I didn't think much of it.

Peyton's story is simply, " I rolled off the trampoline onto the wood." She first told us that and both Wes and I imagined her rolling across the entire circumference of the trampoline right off the side.

However, while she seemed fine and not too bothered by it, her arm swelled pretty instantly and she was favoring it and not using it about an hour after it happened. I didn't want to take her into the hospital, and Jaime agreed with me. She seemed happy enough, was saying it didn't hurt her when we squeezed it and moved it. Matt and Wes were worried, mostly because of the swelling. So, Wes took her into the E.R. near their house in Camarillo. They got her in, gave her a bear, and had it x-rayed and diagnosed all within a hour. Wes said that while they were waiting she was playing on his phone, and during the x-rays while they were moving her arm she kept saying, "that didn't hurt," so he even apologized to the nurse and said he probably shouldn't have brought her in.

After the x-rays came the nurse assured Wes it was good they came in and showed him where there were two fractures, one on each bone. Luckily they weren't bad and would heal easily (the fractures were called torus fracture if you know anything about broken bones or want to do the research). They splinted and wrapped her and suggested seeing an Orthopedic specialist.
I've decided this girl just has a high pain threshold. Seriously, does this look like a girl who broke 2 bones? And about 10 minutes after the accident she didn't cry anymore even without meds. (She also loves the bear the hospital gave her "Fuzzy Aleman" and feels a real connection to her accident prone Huefner cousins who all have the same one).
One week later we met with the ortho doctor and darn it, we are now casted above the elbow. She loves telling her tale and even asks strangers to feel her big hard cast, telling them the expected timeline of everything. I can't help but laugh. But it sure is unfortunate that the day after we got her cast our air conditioner broke and that pool across the street keeps calling my name. 
One thing is for sure... that cast makes her cuter than ever!!! And she sure is a champ!!!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

18 Month Comparison

I just have to say Wes and I made some cute girls. 

Peyton left                                                                       Jovie right
Both on their first day of nursery.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

July Ridiculousness

What time is it?!?!?! Picture Time!!!!!!!!!!!!

July in photos. Because it's easier for me to write about that way.

I can pretty much assure you that most of these will be in no particular order. However, I do know the first thing we did in July was celebrate my Mama's birthday since it lands on the 1st. We went to a little water park by my parent's house. But let's be honest, we could go to a barren field and the kids would have fun being together no matter where they are. Especially these 2 monkeys. 
After the park we went back to my parents house to make s'mores in their fire pit in the backyard. Jovie and Tate didn't care about the s'mores, or the play the older kids put on. They were happy stripping down and playing in water puddles. (Tate's picture would be a little too risque to put on this here blog).
I know it may not have been the birthday of the century for my mom, but we were all glad to celebrate Nana. We love her so.

And now for the rest of our July. Or at least some of the parts I haven't gotten around to blogging yet.

Peyton has been really into drawing and coloring lately. She has learned to stay in the lines and use lots of colors. She wanted me to take a picture of her and her coloring pages. If you look closely you'll notice Charlie Brown's ears are a different color than his head. 

Recently Peyton thinks Jovie should start potty training- Mama here does not agree. Most mornings she takes Jovie's diaper off and makes her sit on the potty. Jovie brings the books all on her own. I had to laugh at the look of her sitting on the pot reading a book all before 2 years old. P.S. She has never gone.

I am not sure if I mentioned it or not, but Wes helped Heidi and Ned find the nicest house in northern Fontana. They moved in at the beginning of July, so June was spent working there for Wes. You can see more details about that here on Heidi's blog, but one day (in July) we met them at their new house to do the final walk through. After the walk through we met my parents at The Old Spaghetti Factory for dinner. I cannot emphasize enough what a thrill it is for Peyton to do things with her cousins. So even going to work that day with daddy was a happy event.
my husband the Realtor... call him!

If you follow me on Instagram (apriljaleman) you probably already saw this, but as I mentioned last post, Peyton is a smart, determined little girl. One day she just decided she wanted to learn to hula-hoop. So pretty much all day she practiced and practiced. By the end of the day she got it. I can't even really hula-hoop so I am super impressed by her.

My kids are pretty lucky to have such a good daddy. Actually, it's not so much luck. I mean they should just be super grateful to me for picking such a good man to be their daddy. I have really good taste. ;) How many daddy's sit down around a little table and have Oreo's and milk with their little girls just for fun? This guy does. Ok, it is really a win-win for both of them. But he plays with them, tells them stories, takes them fishing, all without me even asking.

I keep meaning to post about our new place (post pictures and stuff), maybe this month I will actually get around to it. But, I'll give you a little teaser. We decided that rather than make a formal dining area, which we would never use, we would instead make a play area for the kids. I am so happy with that choice. The kids love it and come up with the cleverest, funniest things. Like the day Jovie insisted on being a babushka.

The 2 of them spend a lot of time playing and picnicking in there together.

One night Wes and Danny walked over to the lake to take the kids fishing. Peyton and Claire ran back and forth crossing each other to those little steps yelling, "Baby Nutricia". Remember Nutricia (the WIC super hero) from our 4th of July festivities.

Speaking of fishing, we (okay Wes) has gotten pretty into it lately. Now we just have to learn how to clean 'em and cook 'em. And yes my children are in mismatched pajamas (read Spongebob shirt and old Christmas present bottoms).

We did something new this year, which has ended up being one of my favorite things of the summer. Downtown Riverside (right outside of The Mission Inn) played movies each Thursday in July. We only went once and watched Monster's University, and wisely only took Peyton (leaving Jovie home asleep with Hayley). It was such a fun night. We got a pizza to eat while we watched and brought some of our own snacks. The night was wonderful and we thoroughly enjoyed watching a movie outside.

These next pictures may be a little misleading. We've had like 0 rain this year... sadly. One afternoon we had like a total of 20 sprinkles fall, which apparently was enough for Peyton to don rain boots, earmuffs, pants and no shirt to play outside. She also convinced Jovie to huddle under her umbrella with her.

Okay, I guess I can't say 0 rain because we recently had a nice big storm pass through. But I am talking about July here. So we had a few days of tiny sprinkles. But, as you can see that is not enough to stop us from pretending it rains cats and dogs. Peyton feels a single drop and has to have her boots and or umbrella. I couldn't resist these sweet sister photos from our walk to the lake. The. Cutest. Ever.

I just remembered another first for us that ended up being another favorite and probably one of the best days of our summer. We spent a day with cousins at The Dropzone in Perris (a new little water-park). My sisters and I bought Groupons for it at the beginning of summer. I went expecting to stay a few hours, but thought my girls would be a little young and not too into it. Boy was I wrong! Peyton went on all the water-slides numerous times and just had the time of her life. Jovie floated around and played in the kid's splash area all day. I was happy though that Wes came with me as the girls were at different ages and liked different things. Honestly, I don't know what I would've done alone. I would have managed but it would not have been even half as fun. Seriously we stayed all day and even played with the idea of season passes. Had we gone earlier in the summer and not just decided to get D-land passes we would have. I didn't bring my phone which is my only camera so you will just have to trust me when I say watching Peyton come down the big fast water slides may have been the cutest thing ever. And we were all so beat that night our dinner was cereal and green beans on plates split between the girls as we sat on the couch and watched a movie in our jammies before bed at 7.

Our summer has not been all happy though. We had to say good-bye to this little cutie as she and her family moved to Utah this month. Boooooo! Jovie is going to miss little Wyatt and we are going to really miss Ashleigh and Andy and watching this cute baby girl grow up. Dumb Utah!

One fabulous Friday night we met my parents and the young Todds at Citrus Park in Riverside for some good 60/70s music. Sushi, a dog parade, dancing and popcorn= a grand ole' time I tell ya!
 The only thing Peyton wanted all summer was a snow cone in the park. Bingo!
July also brought:

Time playing with new friends. Which of course means copying them and crying when she couldn't get down. Remember... timid.
 Pioneer day with our new stake.
 Dressing up like Doc. McHarley.
 Meeting Creepy Mouse at the mall after summer movies.
 Date night to Outback and numerous movies.
 Story time at the library (which has gotten better)
And remember that family party I reference for Peyton's b-day. Well, I got some photos from Danny, since he was the unofficial photographer at that event.

Tell me it's not hilarious that Danny and Sarah dressed baby Jane up as a troll doll (pink hair, gem and all) since Peyton always calls her troll baby because of her hair. And seriously, isn't she just a doll?!

And that friends concludes July.