Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Peyton Turns 4

In our home we have a rule, you get a b-day for milestone years. 1st, 5th, 8th, 12th, etc. Maybe I stand alone here but sheesh b-day parties are a lot of work and stress, especially at this age when they rarely remember anything. However, I have said this before, and I mean it; I love to celebrate. I have a hard time going "easy" so to speak. So even though we didn't have a party per se, that doesn't mean we didn't celebrate the crap out of my big 4 year old baby.

Miss Peyton Jane. I cannot say enough about this girl. Probably to the annoyance of all who know us. Blame me, not her. Actually, blame her because it is definitely her fault for being so stinking cute and sweet. I can't say enough about her, because words don't adequately describe the sweetness that is this girl. I will admit, she at times can drive me to the brink of sanity, but heck, she is 4 and that is a requirement of the age. I checked.

But honestly, this little miss is as genuinely good as she is sweet. She loves to be a "pleaser" and helps out all day. She hugs and kisses and plays with her little sissy. She loves to do good and be praised. She is very very smart for her age, and even more impressive is her obedience. She follows directions like you wouldn't believe. There have been numerous times when she is surrounded by chaos and kids doing whatever they like and she will watch the teacher or whoever is in charge and follow each direction even though no one is paying any attention to her. She is not at all stubborn but very easy-going and generally happy. She has never cared about her clothes except for when she accessorizes like today with a hat and an added streamer tail, all day. She still naps almost daily and on the days she doesn't she plays in her room quietly or reads for about 2 hours. She is obsessed with coloring and drawing lately, and her favorite things to draw are her family or monsters.

She is a great singer and dancer, and has a knack for remembering music. While at times she can be shy it is typically more fear of the activity (she has always been a little timid) that holds her back, not nerves. She LOVES to speak in front on people and will do things with no help quite often. When she is nervous she does this funny face where she sucks in her cheeks, or her fingers go to her mouth. She is a big "complimenter" and gives them to each of us regularly. She especially loves to compliment, praise and help Jovie and thinks she needs to be the one to teach her, or read to her or even help her pray.

She wants to play games all day. Tic-Tac-Toe is now her favorite, but since her b-day we have played a lot of Candy Land, as well as hide-and-seek and spies.

Her favorite colors are blue and red. She wants to be Captain America, Sheriff Callie or Humpty Dumpty for Halloween. She is not a huge fan of princesses but loves Elsa and now likes Anna too. She likes what she likes rather than what she "should". For instance, for our family party I took her to the store and told her she could pick 2 decorations, and the color of the plates. We ended up with yellow plates, light blue streamers and Ninja Turtle decorations. We have never seen a thing Ninja Turtles, but she liked them so we went with that. Her favorite person in the world is still Asher. And he is still pretty much the only one that can get her to do naughty things. ;)

Each and every day numerous times she asks for a real dog and I have to tell her not any time soon... it's wearing me down people.

I love this little girl and feel incredibly blessed to be her mother.

For her b-day we got her a few fun "cheap" items. Jovie "got her" a Frozen shirt and socks, and Peyton just thought it was amazing how Jovie did that for her. On her b-day morning she was so happy to see her decorations. On the way down the stairs to get her presents she said to Jovie, "you help me unwrap them okay Jovie. Some of them are for you." I explained that since it was her b-day all the presents this time were just for her. She then said to me, "but I want Jovie to have some so she won't feel bad." Seriously though people, she is 4, amazing right?!

After presents, a little playing and some "4" shaped pancakes we headed to her surprise for the day. I blew it while on the phone and she found out we were going to Disneyland. She was pretty happy but again more nervous we would make her go on Snow White which she is terrified of.

The day was bloody hot (my phones was misty from the heat) and pretty crowded so we didn't stay long. But we stopped for Joe's Water Ice on our way home since it's right down the street from Disneyland. It is our favorite and they hooked it up with a free scoop for Peyton. Then being pretty hungry from the day on our way home we asked Peyt where she wanted to go for dinner. Her first response was "Macy's house!" then we said we meant a place to eat not her house and she responsed "The place with the picture of the guy with his tongue out" referencing Albert Einstein and Red Robin. So we stopped there and ate and got even more ice-cream. After watching a movie at home we went to bed.


Numerous times throughout the day she would hug me or Wes and say it was "The best day of my whole life!" So I think she enjoyed herself. Also as she would play with toys at home she got for her b-day she would say, "Thanks again for getting me this present, that was really nice."

Sunday we had our families come over for cake and ice-cream. They were all quite generous (too much if you ask me) and got her even more gifts. She is a blessed little girl to have so many people who love her and were so thoughtful of her this year.

And while I love the little person she is growing into, my heart aches knowing this is our last year together before school starts. I hate the very thought of sending her away. I seriously love the spirit she brings into our home.

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