Monday, July 14, 2014

3rd and 4th of July

We do double day celebrations for the 4th of July. It's fabulous to be able to spend the 3rd with my family at a terrific firework show. And then the 4th with the Aleman family celebrating the birthday of good ole' America.

This is our 3rd time going to the firework spectacular Jurupa Valley puts on. And this was the best firework show yet! My kids both had a blast walking around the park, meeting super Nutricia (like that was the best thing for some of the kids- she is the WIC healthy eating super hero... hilarious right?!), and they both really enjoyed the fireworks. Peyton even got a little upset with William and Asher when they played and talked through the firework show. Jovie at first was a little unsure about the noise, but after maybe 30 seconds she too loved it.

 I didn't get around to buying my kids 4th of July outfits this year. So Jovie wore Peyton's shirt from last year, and Peyton wore Ella's shirt from last year. Both about 2 years too big, but hey, it works.
 We have so much fun even waiting for the show to start. We all brought pizza and snacks, there is a live band, and we just hang out.
 The kids just have fun being together.
 I love being together too. I have the best date to all events.
 Some of the big boys and little babies are missing in this photo... but Nana and Boppie are sure loved.
 Once it gets dark everyone busts out glow sticks.
 Heidi painted all the kids faces... too bad this girl got like a rug burn from me rubbing this bad boy off Saturday night before church. Sorry Peyton.
 And we all find our seats and await the fireworks.

Usually on the 4th we go to the beach with Wes' family. I was a little disappointed this year we weren't going with all the little babies that were recently born. Seriously, I had been looking forward to it since the beginning of the summer, but I also completely understood how hard it would be with 4 small infants. So rather we all met up at Patrick and Kati's house and had a pool party. After a day of swimming and eating, we went back to Fred and Sandie's house for our own firework show (along with the rest of the neighbors in the cul-de-sac). Again my kids loved watching them all, and Peyton was pleased as punch to help Uncle Matt set some off.

I never take enough photos on days like this. The problem is water. If I am by water I don't bring my phone. So I have nothing to document our swimming, The other problem is when my girls are with their cousins I rarely see them. They were usually in a room playing "mom and dad/house" or some other make believe game. So they weren't around to photograph.

I did get one awesome photo of all the cousins (minus our Texas cousins Kaylah and Kristana, which stinks). And, I am finally learning the difference between Cody and Easton.

L-R: Wyatt, Peyton and Cody, Delanie and Avery, Brinley and Brody, Tyler and Easton, and finally Trent (AKA Tug) and Jovie-girl.
I forgot to mention that Grandpa Gubler blessed us with his presence this year and enjoyed the firework show outside with us that night. Tug definitely was the life of the party running around the ladder spewing fireworks screaming pantless.

And just in case you couldn't tell how hard we partied... both of my kids slept in past 8 and 9 the next day. Yes, we had that much fun!

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