Monday, July 21, 2014

18 Months=


With Peyton I remember being really nervous to send her to nursery all by herself at 18 months. Granted, Wes almost always took her 3rd hour and she was so calm. With Jovie she's been such a pill at church, I was going to try to sneak her in on June 30th, even though technically her 18 month b-day wasn't until the 31st. Sadly on the 30th she was sick. The next Sunday (her official 1st week) we went to a baby blessing in a different ward (or 2 I should say). So it wasn't until July 13th that we sent our little spit-fire away for the first time. Annnnd, she hated it! She cried pretty much the whole time (luckily I was teaching Relief Society so they couldn't send her back). And this week was even worse. Who would've thunk it with her. Not me that's for sure. She likes to be free, but apparently only under the supervision of mom and dad. They did say she liked snack time and didn't cry then. If you know Jovie you shouldn't be surprised. So my sweet little baby will just have to learn to love it, cuz' she ain't coming back. I love you kid, but I am going to make you stick it out. Sorry.

But, man alive... look how cute she is on her first day. Little did she know taking these photos what was coming. 

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Karla K said...

Maybe it's a second kid thing? Our boy was brought back to me last week crying harder than I've seen in a long time (his 1st week). We want to have him stick it out, too.

Good luck and we are right there with you.