Saturday, June 21, 2014

The Littlest Ninja

Peyton is quite a character. She is silly, shy, funny, sweet, and wouldn't ya know, a ninja. I didn't know until just recently when I discovered that during naps she would sneak downstairs get things she wanted and sneak back up to her room.

My favorite story of her doing this was the day I was laying on the couch. I wasn't even asleep merely laying with my eyes closed. I thought I heard the pitter-patter of little feet on the laminate flooring by the base of the stairs, so I sat up and looked around but no one was around. So I went to check my phone which had been on the floor right next to me while I was laying down. I didn't think much of the fact I couldn't find it, and I didn't care enough to look, so I went back to laying down. When I went upstairs to get Jovie out of bed and check on Peyton... there she was playing with my phone in bed.

I asked her how she had gotten it and her reply was, "I was so sneaky and I came down and took it." And boy did she. I laughed and laughed in spite of myself. I also had to weed through 130 photos which had been taken during that time. She doesn't know the password to open my phone, but she does know how to get the camera up and going. I saved just a few of my favorites because she is a selfie taking ninja, and that my friends, is hilarity.

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