Thursday, June 12, 2014

Post May Recap

Yet another month come and gone with very little blogging life to show for it. Alas. However, all is well. I really can't complain about life at all for at this moment life is good. Well, except for the fact our only car is dying a slow death and I think we are finally going to bite the bullet and buy a new one for the first time in either of our lives. Sucks, but it is time. And the reason for my lack of blogging has everything to do with the fact that my husband, The Realtor, has been a busy little bee who has been utilizing the computer like crazy for all things work related. In fact he has 4 in escrow right now, which is wonderful but also time consuming. In case I haven't mentioned it, he is a good worker, and puts a lot of time into his clients, I just can't recommend him enough. (Okay, plug for my honey done).

May. May, May, May. We had so much fun in May. I have been horrid at taking photos or writing down all the small things in life, but will attempt to remember as much as I can. I wish I had been better because life with 2 funny little girls is, well... funny.

It's just funny to see the things they come up with and watch their sweet personalities shine. Miss Peyton always keeps us entertained with her silly antics. And Jovie is already following suit. She constantly keeps us entertained and is gaining quite a voice for herself... literally.
 (and yes, she did this all on her own. I walked in on this site and couldn't resist laughing and snapping a photo).
After we moved into our new place we went looking for a good park or two nearby. We found one on a little bike ride that had great climbing trees. We've only gone the once but Peyton's new favorite thing to do is climb trees according to her.
 I know I've mentioned it before but these two are the best of friends. One day I couldn't find them. After looking for a minute I heard giggling outside the window. So I go and peek out to see this image. They had snuck outside and opened the sandbox. Stinkers. They thought they were pretty funny too. Just yesterday after visiting new baby cousins I asked Peyton if one day (not any time soon, so don't start getting suspicious people) Peyton might want another baby. She quickly answered "No, I like our baby." Then seeing that she thought I meant we gave Jovie back I teased her saying, "We have to return Jovie, but don't worry we will get a new baby, and maybe a boy baby." Peyton then burst into tears crying and saying "I love our Jovie baby, I don't want to give her back." I then felt bad and told her I was teasing and Jovie would be in our family forever. Sad but oh so sweet.
 Like I mentioned before we are so super happy with our move to our new place. We love our association pool, which we take advantage of regularly.
We love evening strolls by the lake and watching the fishermen.
 We even brought a picnic down one Saturday evening and ate there, which was fab.
 This month besides all the births of the new babies we also celebrated Ella Mae's 8th b-day, which included her baptism. Ella and ALL her cousins sang "I am Trying to be Like Jesus" and I just had to snap a photo while most of them were there practicing. I didn't want to be irreverent during the real deal so some cousins are missing. I wasn't sure whether Peyton would sing since she was having issues with it on the way there, but she was a super singer and I could hear her singing louder than anyone at parts. Don't judge me when I say I got a little teary eyed during it. I just love that girl to pieces.
 We celebrated Ella's b-day/baptism after at my parents house and this girl was thrilled and kept busy by a fun lolli-pop. We adults were kept busy with a fun, pants splitting game of volleyball.
Have I mentioned that the surest way to keep this little girl happy is to be constantly feeding her. I mean constantly feeding her. And if I don't feed her she takes matters into her own hands.

 I also love that recently Peyton is getting older and loves to play games. We've been having fun with our Disney headbands game at night before bed.
We have a whole lotta fun with our little family. And personally, I love being the photographer for it all.
 Besides our association pool, we have a small pool in the backyard which the older girl loves. The little one not so much. She does however LOVE popsicles.
 At the end of May myself and the girls spent 2 very VERY fun days with some friends in Newport Beach at a fun resort and at Corona Del Mar. We did the beach, pool, crafts, and lots of playing with friends. I think I had as much fun as they did, and that means A LOT!
And we also had a fun water based Memorial Day at Danny and Sarah's house. 
And of course we helped Nana and Boppy pick their vegetables that Peyton helped plant.
We have also needed new furniture in this house and have had some fun with some thrift finds and redoing. My favorite is Peyton's dresser.
 And finally, a girl in my old ward is starting a preschool called The Brainy Bunch. To get word out she hosts some free story times which we went to one Saturday morning. Peyton had fun with the books and crafts and still sings "Chicka-chicka Boom-boom" from that day.
See what fun we had?!


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