Sunday, June 29, 2014


I am so blessed to love and be loved by such wonderful men. It is my privilege to have been raised by the character that is my father. He is so kooky, funny, loving, kind and generous. Not to mention his impeccable sense of style... I say that in jest as it is truly one of the things I love to tease him about most. My children adore Boppy and all the time he gives them.

Then there is Fred Aleman who is his children's #1 fans. His love for them and his grand-kids and his generous compliments are something I love and admire of him. It is wonderful to witness and something I hope to emulate.

And though I loved Wes with all my heart before we had kids, my love was strengthened immensely when I saw him become a father. I knew he would be a good dad but he surpassed my expectations completely. He is not a good dad, he is a great dad, a great man, a great friend, and so much more. To know Wes is to love Wes. Plus he is so sexy caring for our children while catering to his wife. I cannot say enough about this man, except for that I made the right choice almost 9 years ago saying yes to being his eternal companion.

So happy father's day to these men and the many others I am so lucky to know and love.

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