Saturday, May 24, 2014

My Jovie-Girl

Man alive how time flies. I realized the other day that had I not had my ectopic pregnancy I would be having a baby this week. Which both sent waves of shock and fear through me as well as sadness. I decided to dwell on the shock and fear and also on the fact that I get to do so much with my girls because I am not dealing with an infant. And in reality this made me feel ever so grateful. I get to concentrate so much on the two sweethearts I have and enjoy "the moment." Because these moments as you moms and dads know are fleeting and an infant is hard work that requires a lot of mom. I also realized that since Jovie turned a year I have not written much on her alone and she has grow tremendously over the last few months. I'll tell ya what, I've got another smart chatterbox on my hands.

Wes and I went to Target and Costco today running errands and I kid you not, I had 6 different people stop to comment on how chatty and funny she was. She waves hi and bye to EVERYONE or just talks as if she is having a conversation or telling a really animated story. I love it.

What I don't love is her 6:45am wake-up. Sure she sleeps through the night and goes to bed around 7:15pm, but that is just too early for me.

Her and Peyton went through Costco harmonizing "hey" for at least 8 minutes today, quite loudly but more so sweetly and funnily. (By the way, you can wordify anything if you just say it).

So obviously, she says "hi" and "bye" but she also says, "Thank you (which is her 2nd word and the most used without a doubt), puppy, baby, Pey-Pey, Mama, Dada, Boppie, Nana, Otto (neighbors dog), happy, sad, no, yeah, hot, silly, water, moon, cheese, apple, please (which is actually weeeeee), what, walk, milky, love you, where is she? and There she is." I know she says more, but I cannot think of it right now. And, the girl "talks" in sentences all day long. She also says almost all the animals sounds, including, "cow, goat, sheep, horse, dog, cat (my favorite), snake, giraffe, monkey, gorilla, lion, butterfly, bird, frog, and rooster.

I will ask how old she is and she will hold up one finger and say "what" which means one.

When she wants to eat she will walk up to her chair and point and whine saying snack (na-na---there's another word) until I put her in her chair. She feeds herself like a champ using a fork and spoon too.

She signs airplane, water, more and all done, and attempts to say them as she does. With food she says "all done" as she throws everything on the ground.

Speaking of throwing, she is really into that right now. And she loves to play chase while she screams and runs away from us.

She LOVES to sing and sings all day long. She sings the ABCs which just goes "e-e-e-e-e-e-e" in the melody of ABC. She also reads letters whenever she sees them and goes, e-e-e- at each letter. She also sings Old McDonald, the E-I-E-I-O, which is why I think everything is E. She tries to spell her name with me, and claps after we finish yelling yay every time. She loves to sing and do ring-around-the-roses. And also loves wheels on the bus, and happy and you know it. But, I think her favorite to dance to is Let It Go, sung by Peyton. She sings with her and always copies the arms Peyton does. They also have a special dance to "Electric Feel" by MGMT. And she has the best head bob to all music if it doesn't inspire happy feet.

She loves the moon and smiles so big when she sees it. See tries to say moon but it comes out as a weird gurgley sound.

Girl is hilarious and loves to make us laugh. She is so silly and has these bright energetic funny eyes.

She also loves water and the feel of it on her hands and arms. She loves to sit in the bath while the water comes out with her hands in the faucet. And at the pool she will continuously swoosh her hands under the water the whole time.

However, with her energy comes attitude. She is not a chill little baby that wants to be held. Which makes for fun times at church. She is active. She is constantly going up to people, saying hi, literally running from Wes and I and digs in peoples bags if she is fast enough. But, she is certainly a happy little thing.

And while she is energetic she is still my cuddle bug, and when she is in the mood will cuddle a lot.

She LOVES her bed. She squirms away from me if I try to hold her or sing to her. And once she is in her crib pats it and smiles.

But her favorite friend in the whole world is Miss Peyton. Those 2 are the best of friends and never ever fight (so far).
 Jovie loves, no like LOVES to have her picture taken. She will say chhheeeeeeeese if you pull out a camera or phone and will sit and smile for days. Just the other day we were out eating and a woman sitting close to us was on her phone kinda facing us. Jovie just kept saying cheese and smiling at her, thinking she was getting her photo taken.

Still takes a paci if it's available, but does not need it to sleep anymore.

She is also her father's daughter or just an Aleman when it comes to food. If she sees someone eating or drinking she will growl at you to share. Truly growl with a huge mouth. And if you don't see her or recognize the act, she will scream and throw a fit until her appetite is satisfied. Although she eats what she likes and won't touch, but will chuck what she doesn't like. Her favorites are definitely any berries, vegetables, cheese, bread or pasta. She does not like meat.

One of my all time favorite things about her is her jumping ability. Quite like her mama I might add. Its a negative vertical. If I ask her to jump--- she falls. Which is in her mind a jump.

Like most babies she has been taught to pound it. Which she does along with a "ughh" sound.

Loves to play with cars and does the noises. And loves to hug baby dolls and animals. She loves real animals as well. Most of the time. As well as real babies as long as her daddy isn't holding them. Have I mentioned what a daddy's girl she is? Gee, both of my girls are in fact. The best though is when she gets any girl figurine or princess she starts to "talk" really really high pitched. Peyton used to do that and it is hilarious that Jovie is now too.

Recently she wants to read all day, which is new for her. Before I would try to read and she would take the book and walk away. Now she backs into me to sit on my lap and read. Now if only my Peyton would share books with her.

She is quite the artist. On everything. The other day I was thinking, "Jovie is naughty. Peyton never drew on anything but paper or what she was supposed to draw on." Then I remembered that Peyton as the first child never had access to crayons or markers until she was older and ready. Then I changed my tune to, "Jovie is a pretty good little girl, having only drawn on the dishwasher once."

This girl is astounding. I know I am a little biased, but I think she is the smartest, funniest, sweetest, cutest, bestest little 16 month old around.

Oh and her stats are:
22 lbs
30.5 inches tall
18.25 head circumference

Basically, those my friends, are the stats of perfection. :)

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