Thursday, May 1, 2014

Moving On

Yesterday was officially our last day in the old Perris house- even though we have been in our new place for almost 2 weeks. We've been going back almost everyday to move something or another out, and yesterday we had to be gone for good. Moving out of our first home was super bitter sweet. I was so done with that house, yet in the night I would cry in bed knowing I wouldn't see the room we spent so much time painting for my baby, or sit in the chair I rocked them to sleep in their room. I would also not have my beautiful mantle anymore.

Besides the memories, I was so done with the house itself. We no longer had to deal with unexplained electric issues resulting in a big bulky lamp in the guest bathroom. We would have 3 working bathrooms rather than the 1 total in the old house... because we never fixed the sink in our master bath. We can now actually open the sliding back door without using every muscle and effort. The neighbors pets don't run into our house every single day. Or worry about the Megan's law neighbor 2 doors down. Did I mention we got another 800 square feet to live in, the girls won't share a room and I even have an electric garage door now.

I do however already miss good ole' Eagle Eye down the street. What?! I never mentioned her? She is a gem. She would pick up dirty big shoes and clothes to give my children off the street. And give them to me tire marks all over them and all. She once noticed a bird on my necklace and made a comment about the "eagle" on my necklace. I smiled and acknowledged it. She then bent over to Peyton and said, "you better watch out that the eagles don't get you/" Whaaaa? Another time she offered me a cigarette, when I declined and said I didn't smoke, she said, "Yes you do." I then again said I didn't, and her response was "I saw you smoking!" I slowly backed up. Oh, and I must not fail to mention the mesh shirt she wore without an under shirt or bra. Nipples anyone?! She was quite a busty woman.

I love our new place, but HATE moving. I told Wes we are here for a while because the idea of moving again is the worst. I love our new area. The new ward seems grand. We have everything we need within minutes of us. The association we are part of includes a gym, pool, lake with fishing and paddle boats, volleyball, basketball and tennis courts, and a clubhouse to use. Our neighbor's all seem nice too and it's very pretty here.

I still don't know how we ended up in Perris California. I had never heard of it, we weren't house hunting or even thinking of buying. But, we got there. And, our time there was wonderful. The house was never my ideal home, but I KNOW that's where we were supposed to be. We were so blessed in our time there. We made great friends, had wonderful growth individually and as a couple. We had opportunities to serve in leadership roles that helped us so much. Our children were happy and loved, and I have no regrets or bad feelings. Which is why I think it was so hard to leave. But, at the same time I know now was a good time or even the right time to leave. I know we were supposed to move on and I am excited for what this part of our life has in store. And even though circumstances leading us here are not ideal, I know the Lord has a plan for us, and if we have faith and continue forward we will see His hand continue to lead us. And I am excited for our future!!!!

What moving looks like in our family...

Basically for a few weeks my house looked like what you see behind Peyton. When you move slowly over it's hard to figure out what you are taking and keeping.
 The kids played outside while we loaded up the trailer. Batman the neighbors dog has a love hate relationship with my kids. They love him until he takes them down.
 Boxes, boxes, boxes...
 Fun family packing photos
 They both thought playing on the trailer was the best thing ever.
And I don't think either of them minded becoming filthy outside while mom and dad were distracted loading things. I mean black water in bath filthy.
 Peyton kept finding funny things all around the house while we were moving and it was funny playing with it all. Like these awesome wigs for instance.
 Farewell cute little girls room

 And, good bye Pink Palace... onto, the new pink palace. lol

Photo when we bought in April 2007 
And when we moved in April 2014

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