Friday, May 30, 2014

Mother's Day

I'm just re-posting what I wrote on Facebook this year for Mother's Day.

"Bring a mom is different from anything I've ever experienced. It is simultaneously the hardest and best thing I've ever done. I find being a mom more rewarding than any job I've held. And while I'm the "boss" (yeah right) there are more pressures to produce good results that most days it weighs heavy on me. I love two people who give very little to the relationship yet when they smile, laugh, hug and kiss me I am completely happy and whole. Plus I get to share it all with a wonderful companion forever as our life and family continue to grow. I am lucky to have it all and be called a mother."

Just to summarize... being a mom is absolutely, without a shadow of a doubt the greatest thing I've ever done. It makes me super duper happy and I love every most moments of it. 

I was lucky enough to brunch with both my wonderful mothers at The Avocado House Saturday morning. Sunday after church we spent time with Wes' family. And later that week my mom and dad joined us at our favorite sandwich shop for Bobbie's (best Thanksgiving dinner sandwich) as well as ice-cream at Coldstone. 

This year was a real winner!

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