Sunday, May 11, 2014

Easter 2014

To be honest my kids were lucky to have anything at all this Easter. And if it weren't for my fabulous mother in law for taking Peyton one day right around Easter, she would not have been able to dye eggs or anything. Sandie took Brinley, Delanie and Peyton for the day and they played and dyed eggs. What a relief for me, plus I had a fun one-on-one day with my Jovie-girl (which rarely happens) and I was able to pack up too.

Sadly I don't have a picture of those cute girls with Grammy, but I do have a few of me and my Jovie girl from that fun day together. 

We did celebrate the week before at the city of Perris (which we've done the past few years), and our ward Easter party. Last minute I grabbed some small stuff for their baskets, and they were thrilled in the morning. They are so easy to please at this point.

The Saturday before Easter we celebrated with Wes' side of the family. Sandie always does fun things and has a lot of delish food. We did an egg roll competition, which the pregos dominated. And of course a money egg hunt, which is fun even for the adults. It worked out really well for us this year, in that we were able to celebrate with everyone.

The finalists.
Kati used twin power to kill it.

Sunday morning we woke up to our messy (boxed up) house and did an hunt for baskets before church.

As you can see, both girls were ecstatic. Jovie loves taking photos... most of the time.
I know you other moms can relate to taking sibling photos. These were the best I could get.
Since we were in the same ward as Heidi (and the kids) after church we took some photos of all the cousins outside the building.

And finally, after church and naps we headed to my parents for yet another egg hunt and dinner.
It was not our fanciest Easter, but it was wonderful all the same. Again, we are so blessed to be an eternal family thanks to our Savior Jesus Christ.

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Heidi Broberg said...

Those are fun pictures! I saved that one of Ella and sweet.