Tuesday, May 6, 2014

April... The Month

Dang in case you can't tell April was a ca-razy month for us. Packing, kids, packing, birthdays, packing, moving, Easter, unpacking. Yikes! We still live in the tornado destruction (at least that is still what my house looks like) as we try to find a new good place for it all; rather than throwing it somewhere just to put it away and never move it, because isn't that how it usually goes? I can't believe this is one of the few post that actually happened in April and it is May. By the way, it is May people!

Well, like I said, both Wes and I celebrated birthdays in April. In fact we got keys to our house on my actual birthday so that was quite a gift.

My 29th birthday. The last year in my 20's not that it matters. I am not totally opposed to aging as life has just gotten better and better, but I am a bit disappointed knowing I am not young anymore. Life's expectations get harder as you get older and there is still a lot I want to do. So...... well I best get going I guess.

For my b-day we spent a day at the beach. It was quite wonderful in fact.Who would guess it would be so pleasant in April? We played for a while, then rode our bikes down to the pier for dinner at Ruby's.
Wes' sweet note to me.
Just happened on the Easter bunny. My girls loved him/her.
running down the pier to dinner during sunset.

Of course we utilized many of our free food places throughout the month for both of our birthdays.
Like Acapulco with my parents one night.
 Just a nice family photo and then Wes zoomed in on Peyton's face... classic.

We also celebrated in between our birthdays by going to a grade "A" play of Les Mis at RCC... gift from my parents. It was a wonderful production and was very comparable to the show we saw about 9 years ago at the Pantages Theater while we were "just friends" (about a month before we actually started dating).
2005 Les Mis
2014 Les Mis

For Wes' 31st b-day we moved some more. Lucky guy. I tried to take him somewhere but he really wanted to spend the day just getting more accomplished. We'd been living at both houses basically for a week and that was hard. That night however we did go to P.F. Chang's with our friends the McCooks for dinner. Kid free of course so that was pleasant.

So, another year has passed. While it seems not much changes year to year, I see growth in us overall. I love growing old with this man and look forward to celebrating each year we are together.

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