Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Happy Helpers

Peyton recently has been obsessed with gardens and had begged and begged to plant one. Since I knew we were moving I was not about to go through the hassle of planting and leaving one. So, I asked my parents (who plant one every season) if they would tell me when they were planting theirs so I could get Peyton over there to help.

So, one nice warm Saturday, we headed over there and the girls "helped" plant the garden. Peyton actually helped for a while. Jovie just played in the water, and dug around for a while. Both of my girls ended up completely filthy head to toe, but had a great day doing so.

And after playing outside and napping we went to this cute butterfly festival to end the day. For the life I can't remember where Wes was, but I am sure glad to have family so close so I can have wonderful days like this often.

Nana helping Peyton at the craft booths
 flapping her arms like a butterfly (she looks pretty "special" in this photo)
 Then... getting her first "tat"
 Peyt got her face painted like a cat. This was funny 'cuz the kids painting the faces were young high school volunteers, and this cat face was really hard for them.
 hiking around the area

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