Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Baby #2 of the year made her way into the family on April 1, 2014, and no that is not a joke. (How many times do you think people will ask if she is joking on her b-day? That won't get old, right?!). Presenting Baby Jane Carole Todd (named after 2 Great Grandmas, and I might add a little of her old Auntie April Jane too) //wink wink//. She looks just like a Todd baby... Danny and Sarah's kids sure have a "look" bout them... a stinking cute look too.

This little girl is unbelievably cute. Her hair is just to die for. It is blond as blond can be and as fuzzy as fuzzy can be. She is the smallest of all their babies... go figure. But, man alive what a doll!

Keep coming little babies!!! 4 more to come! Yippeeeee!!!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Happy Helpers

Peyton recently has been obsessed with gardens and had begged and begged to plant one. Since I knew we were moving I was not about to go through the hassle of planting and leaving one. So, I asked my parents (who plant one every season) if they would tell me when they were planting theirs so I could get Peyton over there to help.

So, one nice warm Saturday, we headed over there and the girls "helped" plant the garden. Peyton actually helped for a while. Jovie just played in the water, and dug around for a while. Both of my girls ended up completely filthy head to toe, but had a great day doing so.

And after playing outside and napping we went to this cute butterfly festival to end the day. For the life I can't remember where Wes was, but I am sure glad to have family so close so I can have wonderful days like this often.

Nana helping Peyton at the craft booths
 flapping her arms like a butterfly (she looks pretty "special" in this photo)
 Then... getting her first "tat"
 Peyt got her face painted like a cat. This was funny 'cuz the kids painting the faces were young high school volunteers, and this cat face was really hard for them.
 hiking around the area

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Then She Got Bit By A Duck

A few weeks ago Wes had some paperwork in Chino he needed to fill out for work, the job in which I referenced a few posts back. Since he didn't anticipate it taking the hour it did, the kids and I joined him and waited in the car for him to finish. Because we had driven the 30+ minutes, had nothing else that we needed to rush back to, and just happened to have bread in the car we decided to hit up a nice nearby park to play and feed the ducks, geese, turtles and fish. The girls loved being rushed by the animals and even Jovie attempted to throw the bread out to them. Her puny throws usually ended with the ducks eating bread off my shoes, but she enjoyed the show none the less. Peyton who would own every animal we would allow was in heaven, that is until a duck bit her finger.

It was funny. Sad, but more funny than sad. There she was throwing out bread when all the sudden she screamed and started to cry, stating a duck had bit her finger. At first I didn't really believe her, but looking at her finger, I noticed the one she said got bit was covered in dirt. I believe from the ducks beak. I laughed but tried to sound sympathetic. After talking to her and calming her down with the wonderful tool of distraction (works like a charm) we discovered it was more scary than painful. It was also discovered she was trying to feed them out of her hand so it really wasn't shocking she got bit. Now she laughs about it too, so I don't feel so bad laughing as I tell her story.

After the biting debacle we decided it was safer to play at the park. So with a few hungry ducks following we went to the park and spent a while playing there. It was a nippy day, but we all enjoyed ourselves.

I feel incredible blessed to have this time to be together as a family ever single day. I know it is not the typical dynamic but I wouldn't have it any other way.

 Oh and have I mentioned this little miss can pump herself on the swing (when she's not being lazy)?! Woot woot!

Thursday, April 10, 2014


For Christmas my mom got our family a little horse riding experience in Norco. It was such a fun, cute little place, with a great farm and lots and lots of horses. I spoke to one of the guides who said they rescue horses and then do the Groupon deals to make enough to support them all. So besides the fun family experience, it was also a good thing to help innocent animals. I highly recommend "Everything Equine" if you want to take your family out on a horse adventure. It was a 2 hour deal for a family of 4, and since Miss Jovie was far too young to go, we brought along my mom while my dad watched the little one at home. Peyton loved all 2 hours. And while the rest of us liked it a lot, our tooshies got a little sore after about 1.5 hours. ;) And Wes had Peyton in front of him on the saddle and the downhill portions were not good on his downhill portions. lol. I don't know about you, but experiences like this are some of my favorite gifts to give. I love giving my kids memories more than things.

 Wes and Peyton on Dusty.

 Nana on Lonestar.
 Me on Ace.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014


I keep meaning to post, but you know how it gets when you are pretty far behind, have soooooo much going on, and are barely surviving as it is. Yeah, I am there. How do I find the time, let alone energy to write about everything going on? I am still trying to figure it out.

The gist of life is...
-We are moving. Yup, I waited until we knew for sure when and where to tell anyone. So as it is, we are currently moving into the new home right now. And well, do I need to say more? I am moving with a 1 and 3 year old. It's hard.  Hoping to be in our new place permanently in the next 2 weeks. I am so sad to leave friends, the house I rocked my new babies in, lots of crazy people in the hood, but am sooooo excited to get into a bigger place in a better area. I will post more on it soon.

-My calling. It's kinda kicking my butt. It's certainly busy right now, and there is always a million things that need to be taken care of, and I am still trying to figure it all out. I would be lying if I said I wasn't a little excited about this move just to pass on the mantle. But I also feel like I've had a lot of growth, spiritually but also as a leader serving as stake primary president.

-Cars. It's never a great thing when both cars go out within 3 days of each other. It sucks even more when your 3 month old car is just not viable to fix and has to be sold at a loss. I will leave it at that.

-New job opportunities on top of old ones. This goes to Wes who keeps putting good work irons into the fire seeing which catch. He is still tearing it up in real estate and is rarely around when he is NOT on the phone. So while it is great to have him physically around, he is a busy man and is almost always working. All day long. Plus he is gone all day Wed working on a new endeavor, more on that later.

-I've had what appears to be permanent PMS. I keep crying at nothing. Like opening a gift of perfume and a book for my b-day and that choking me up. Really?! Or looking again at pregnant people, aren't I over that?! Stress will do it to you I suppose.

-Besides all this, we have been having a ton of fun. Which takes up time, and adds to the things I need to blog about. But in the best of ways.

So for now I hope this sums up my life and what I should be blogging about in more detail. Soon to come, the details.

Monday, April 7, 2014

March 11, 2014

I CAN'T believe I haven't blogged about this yet. My little 3.5 year old (who has the nicest Grandparents ever) rode a bike with only 2 wheels a few weeks ago. She has been ready for such a long time, but we didn't have a bike for her... which is where nice grandparents come in, they gave her a very early b-day present since she had a need. Once she got on that bike, she just rode. Like I said, she has been very very ready. We have been using a balance bike, which helps kids ride with no problem... courtesy of Danny and Sarah and the fact that Will has been riding on 2 wheels since right at like 3 years old. Boy wonder.  I was a little amazed that my timid girl just went without much thought. She still gets a little nervous, but she does absolutely awesome!!!

Her VERY first time ever on this bike.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

First Ponytail

On March 28th, I decided little baldy finally had enough hair for a "fountain" pony. With so little hair, I am not sure it can be called a ponytail. But, I didn't think it possible for her to be cuter than she already was.