Monday, March 10, 2014

Moments To Remember

It's my end of the month photo time. You know, of all the photos that didn't make it onto another post, but that I still want to remember and write about from February. In no particular order....

Every Thursday we attend story time at the library. Peyton has been going since she was an infant and has always been such a good girl. The librarians and workers all know her and now Jovie. The last few weeks Jovie has become brave and big and joins the kids on the rug rather than my lap. Of course, once she notices the open door she makes a run, and then I end up sitting on the ground with her. Best of all, I don't really worry about her being disruptive being that every kid but one who comes goes to church with us, and they are usually just as rowdy. And isn't in funny how much little kids love babies? I can't go anywhere without Jovie being mauled by other kids, or in this instance pet by them.
 One night Peyton found every reason to stay out of bed. You know the usuals. Drink, potty, scared, etc. She went above this night and insisted she needed her super hero mask... which by the way is a hard plastic one we made with glitter. When we went to check on her later that night we found her like this. A little sleeping super-diva.
 People often ask if Jovie is like Peyton, and in many ways they are. They are both sweet and relatively easy-going. However they are very different too. Peyton was always super duper mellow, not cuddly, but quiet and a great sleeper. Jovie is pretty easy going, but she is a ham, loves to make people laugh, is super cuddly, not a terrible sleeper but not great, and loves to scream, especially when we tell her not to. I think she is a little more feisty, but sweet non-the-less. She LOVES giving hugs and kisses, and will often crawl into my lap just to sit and play. It's funny how they can be similar but completely different at the same time. And for now they play great and love each other so much.

This photo to me is a great example of how funny Jovie already is. She loved that we were laughing and kept trying to do funny things after while looking at us for reinforcement.
And another prime example from the queen of bed-head. We call this look the "Little Orphan Annie."
 Being silly, Peyton's favorite thing to do on the camera.
 We went to the best b-day party last month. It had a bunch of fair-like games, a bounce house, a taco cart, tons of food, annnnnd a train to take the kids around the block and a professional face painter. Peyton talked all morning about how she was going to be a tiger, and I think it turned out pretty good. Asher saw her and they just had to be twins...almost literally.

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