Monday, March 3, 2014

Beautiful Disaster

My house is typically in complete disarray. Not due to the fact that we don't clean. Every night before the girls go to bed we spend a lot of time tidying up. But, kids wake up ready to play. They are up early and I swear by 9 am every toy is out of the toy box and on the ground. It is too exhausting to try to keep up with it all day, so I wait until the night or until 'I can'ts handle it no mores' and clean up... even just a bit. What I really want to know though, is how the heck do kids have so much energy? Seriously, Peyton runs or prances every where she goes and she is non stop. She wakes up roaring to go with a game in mind, and it doesn't stop all day. Jovie cat naps twice a day and once she's up just moves, plays, grabs, and messes without missing a beat. I try to keep up, but in my old age (;/) I just can't. Boy am I glad Wes is around most of the time to help me out!

For instance, this one comes in our room and instantly either starts playing with the printer, pulling trash out of the trashcan, pulling out dirty clothes from the hamper, or going through our (very disorganized) book shelf. Needless to say, unless I am in there getting ready that door stays closed.
Peyton is addicted to boxes, which are used as cars, spaceships, beds, bear houses, etc. I usually give her about 5-7 days with them and then they are thrown out. But, this usually is accompanied by tears as her beloved toy things are thrown out. If I didn't we would have 40 old diaper boxes laying around the house.
The other day we watched a friend's little girl. She is about 2 weeks older than Jovie-girl and can you believe it, even more petite? It was funny watching my girls play with her. Peyton was pretty good until she got involved with her lap top and the two babies bothered her, thus she found the toy box a good seat to play in. It also meant all the toys which hindered her way on the ground. Abby crawled around not overly happy and dreadfully missing her mom. While Jovie followed Abby around, and patted her back every time she would stop. Not in a mean way, just in a "hey buddy" kind of way. I couldn't help but laugh the entire time.
Again, not so much of a box, but a bin. Peyton insisted that Jovie sit in her (along with 35 toys) and they brush their teeth together. Jovie is usually happy to comply with Peyton's whims and demands.
Some days it's just easier to get out of the house and go somewhere they can play, jump, scream, and not need me to pretend. At home the most common phrase that comes out of Peyton's mouth is, "Mama, let's pretend....." (fill in the blank). Seriously. All. Day. Long. A favorite spot of both girls is the Moreno Valley Mall play area.
We also go to the park to play and get our wiggles out. This is not my favorite as Jovie crawls through the ick. I can't wait for this girl to be walking already.

Oh, and did I mention the million of forts requested to be built around here? I actually don't mind them, but would love Peyton to actually play in them once they are built.
See, being a kid is busy. Being a mom to busy kids is tiring. But a busy life is also a lot of fun.

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