Tuesday, March 25, 2014

America's Got Talent

Our ward had a talent show last month. Peyton actually went up alone. And then "danced".... okay, sorta danced. Not bad for absolutely zero practice. And I truly mean zero practice. I am just glad she did something. I give credit to the fact she was with Asher. She told me on the way home how scared she was when she was standing up there, so big props to her for even doing anything. Plus, I think she is the absolutely cutest ever!!!!!!


Monday, March 17, 2014

My Lucky Lil Lady Takes a Step

Jovie today, St. Patrick's Day, decided at 14.5 months to take her first steps. She is so funny. She would stand laugh and then throw herself onto the ground after a few steps. She got up to 4 steps. I think we will all be happier once she starts walking for good. She LOVES to walk holding us, so I think she will LOVE to walk all alone even more.

She would not let us video her, and even taking a photo was difficult. So, try as I might, these are the best I got.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Jovie's....1 Year Photo

So, I kept putting off Jovie's 1 year photo shoot in hopes of getting a real photographer in a nice outdoor setting. But after 2 months I started to realize it just wasn't gonna happen. So, I finally headed over to the mall and just got good ole' J.C. Penny photos. Not my favorite but they'll do the job for now I suppose. I'm hoping later to get nice family photos with individuals of each of the girls, but in case I don't get around to it, I at least have something to show for the time.

And while I didn't love any of them, they are cute because they are of my sweet little girls. Who are (unbiasedly) the cutest ever!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Only In Perris

Do you have dogs joining gangs too. Like their masters I guess.

Moments To Remember

It's my end of the month photo time. You know, of all the photos that didn't make it onto another post, but that I still want to remember and write about from February. In no particular order....

Every Thursday we attend story time at the library. Peyton has been going since she was an infant and has always been such a good girl. The librarians and workers all know her and now Jovie. The last few weeks Jovie has become brave and big and joins the kids on the rug rather than my lap. Of course, once she notices the open door she makes a run, and then I end up sitting on the ground with her. Best of all, I don't really worry about her being disruptive being that every kid but one who comes goes to church with us, and they are usually just as rowdy. And isn't in funny how much little kids love babies? I can't go anywhere without Jovie being mauled by other kids, or in this instance pet by them.
 One night Peyton found every reason to stay out of bed. You know the usuals. Drink, potty, scared, etc. She went above this night and insisted she needed her super hero mask... which by the way is a hard plastic one we made with glitter. When we went to check on her later that night we found her like this. A little sleeping super-diva.
 People often ask if Jovie is like Peyton, and in many ways they are. They are both sweet and relatively easy-going. However they are very different too. Peyton was always super duper mellow, not cuddly, but quiet and a great sleeper. Jovie is pretty easy going, but she is a ham, loves to make people laugh, is super cuddly, not a terrible sleeper but not great, and loves to scream, especially when we tell her not to. I think she is a little more feisty, but sweet non-the-less. She LOVES giving hugs and kisses, and will often crawl into my lap just to sit and play. It's funny how they can be similar but completely different at the same time. And for now they play great and love each other so much.

This photo to me is a great example of how funny Jovie already is. She loved that we were laughing and kept trying to do funny things after while looking at us for reinforcement.
And another prime example from the queen of bed-head. We call this look the "Little Orphan Annie."
 Being silly, Peyton's favorite thing to do on the camera.
 We went to the best b-day party last month. It had a bunch of fair-like games, a bounce house, a taco cart, tons of food, annnnnd a train to take the kids around the block and a professional face painter. Peyton talked all morning about how she was going to be a tiger, and I think it turned out pretty good. Asher saw her and they just had to be twins...almost literally.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Singin' in the Rain

Peyton has honestly been waiting 3 months for the rain. And she was not disappointed when it finally fell last week. She equipped herself with her rain-boots (4 sizes too big) and her umbrella and was out playing in the rain all alone for about 30-45 minutes. It was heavenly for us all! Rain, rain... come back!!!!!!

Monday, March 3, 2014

Beautiful Disaster

My house is typically in complete disarray. Not due to the fact that we don't clean. Every night before the girls go to bed we spend a lot of time tidying up. But, kids wake up ready to play. They are up early and I swear by 9 am every toy is out of the toy box and on the ground. It is too exhausting to try to keep up with it all day, so I wait until the night or until 'I can'ts handle it no mores' and clean up... even just a bit. What I really want to know though, is how the heck do kids have so much energy? Seriously, Peyton runs or prances every where she goes and she is non stop. She wakes up roaring to go with a game in mind, and it doesn't stop all day. Jovie cat naps twice a day and once she's up just moves, plays, grabs, and messes without missing a beat. I try to keep up, but in my old age (;/) I just can't. Boy am I glad Wes is around most of the time to help me out!

For instance, this one comes in our room and instantly either starts playing with the printer, pulling trash out of the trashcan, pulling out dirty clothes from the hamper, or going through our (very disorganized) book shelf. Needless to say, unless I am in there getting ready that door stays closed.
Peyton is addicted to boxes, which are used as cars, spaceships, beds, bear houses, etc. I usually give her about 5-7 days with them and then they are thrown out. But, this usually is accompanied by tears as her beloved toy things are thrown out. If I didn't we would have 40 old diaper boxes laying around the house.
The other day we watched a friend's little girl. She is about 2 weeks older than Jovie-girl and can you believe it, even more petite? It was funny watching my girls play with her. Peyton was pretty good until she got involved with her lap top and the two babies bothered her, thus she found the toy box a good seat to play in. It also meant all the toys which hindered her way on the ground. Abby crawled around not overly happy and dreadfully missing her mom. While Jovie followed Abby around, and patted her back every time she would stop. Not in a mean way, just in a "hey buddy" kind of way. I couldn't help but laugh the entire time.
Again, not so much of a box, but a bin. Peyton insisted that Jovie sit in her (along with 35 toys) and they brush their teeth together. Jovie is usually happy to comply with Peyton's whims and demands.
Some days it's just easier to get out of the house and go somewhere they can play, jump, scream, and not need me to pretend. At home the most common phrase that comes out of Peyton's mouth is, "Mama, let's pretend....." (fill in the blank). Seriously. All. Day. Long. A favorite spot of both girls is the Moreno Valley Mall play area.
We also go to the park to play and get our wiggles out. This is not my favorite as Jovie crawls through the ick. I can't wait for this girl to be walking already.

Oh, and did I mention the million of forts requested to be built around here? I actually don't mind them, but would love Peyton to actually play in them once they are built.
See, being a kid is busy. Being a mom to busy kids is tiring. But a busy life is also a lot of fun.

Saturday, March 1, 2014


The first baby of the year was born for our family last month. Presenting......
Baby Emmett Griffith Broberg AKA Baby Chubbies (named by Miss Peyton Jane)
Born Feb. 6, 2014 
8lbs 2oz. and 21 & 1/4 in

We just love little baby chubbies (more like baby chubby cheeks) and have had so much fun seeing him the few times we've been able to at least.

 And this is going to be a momentous next few months. First baby Emmett-1, next baby girl Todd in April-2, baby girl Moore in May-3, Babies boys Aleman in June (yes twins)-4&5 and then Baby boy Huefner right after that-6. 6 crazy right?!?! I am so happy to cuddle newborns but not have to wake with them all night long. Of course the loss of our baby kinda stings watching all these babies come when I would be due, but there are definitely mixed emotions as I am happy in a small part to not have to deal with what newborns mean too. 

But this is getting real and exciting!!! ;)