Wednesday, February 26, 2014

V-Day. More Like D-Day

Why? Because it was kinda a bust! Wes tried to make plans for us to do a couples massage, but the place we had a certificate to was closed down. So we tried going bowling (with kids in tow), but it was league night and there were no lanes. So we tried another ally, but no luck. So, we went to get ice cream at Rite-Aid and would you believe it, they were closed all day. So we bought some Thrifty's strawberry and sherbet (because that ice cream is the best) went home and ate Ramon noodles and watched the Olympics. Lol! Of course I made heart pancakes and eggs in the morning, so it wasn't completely a bust.

Oh, and we did do some celebrating earlier that week. Well, not so much we but Peyton and I. My playgroup from the ward did a little potluck V-Day exchange. Sadly Jovie was at the doctors for her um... 1 year check up (just a little late which is why I didn't reschedule it again, they are always so busy it's so hard to get an apt). So, Wes took her to get her shots, and I partied with Peyt.

I also put up some decorations around the house so it was at least festive. I got some pretty potted Lily's I can plant from my hubby. I made delicious heart sugar cookies and chocolate covered strawberries for my man. And the day was as always filled with lots of hugs, kisses and I Love Yous. So, the purpose of Valentines Day was fulfilled.

I took some photos of the girls from the day and even though I joke about it being kinda crappy, it doesn't really matter. I will make sure we get a good date in soon enough. ;)

At the party... we made hats. Decorated our gift bags, and the kids ran around like mad.
 Oh, and for some reason, they insisted on eating under the table. Despite our hard work of setting up a chair for each of them. 
I include this picture because I love these 3 with all my heart and this is a Valentines Day post for goodness sake.
 My littlest loves on Valentines Day. Peyton made Wes and I a "love cake" from play-dough, and Jovie just played.
 Kisses, ta-ta.

P.S. Can you believe this was a mere 1 year ago. Yowzers, what a difference!!!

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