Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Beginning and The End and Somewhere in the Middle

This last weekend I was having a conversation with a friend of mine who moved away as her husband attends dental school.

I asked the question, "So how's life?"

Her response, "You know, it's life. It just keeps going."

Since this conversation I've been thinking a lot about that statement. Life doesn't start at any moment. Just because you start a career, have money or not, move, have kids, etc, life doesn't "start" it changes and continues. The key is to find happiness in the changes be they good or--- well, not so good.

Sometimes, I feel like I am waiting for something. When___ happens I will.... Or I will be so happy when ____ happens.

My new goal is to try being happy where I am regardless. As I struggle I want to be happy. As we succeed I want to be equally happy. I want to stop waiting for something to bring me happiness, as I know I've done in the past. I am living the life I will live, and the key to what I want is finding joy in the journey. As I am sure every one of you know life has ups and life has downs, but it is still life. I have sometimes thought, I am just going to give up, but in reality that would change nothing. There is no other option then to keep trying and moving forward. Sorry, but as long as we live, we move and change.


Sarah said...

Wonderful thoughts! I join you on the quest to enjoy the journey;)

April and Jason said...

Very true. That reminds me of when I had Wesley early. So many people would tell me "I don't know how you are dealing with everything!" I remember thinking, "well, I don't really have a choice! This is my trial, and I have to make it through!" I think your post is a good reminder for all of us to try to be happy in all situations

Wendy Reves, Superstar Entrepreneur said...

Love this post. Have you watched or heard of "The Secret"? It is pretty much awesome! Keep up the happy thoughts!