Friday, February 28, 2014

San Diego Staycation

About 6 months ago Wes and I won tickets to the San Diego Zoo at a little food fair we went to with my parents and family.Well the expiration date on those bad boys were quickly approaching so we had to act fast. And since (last week at least) the weather was superlative we decided to make it a little family vacation.

We headed out Wednesday morning and went straight to Mission Bay to play on the playground and around the beach. The kids were in heaven!!!! Jovie discovered sand for the first time (that she can remember at least). Then we went into the water. What?!?!?!?!?! Those 2 were over the moon excited. I would assume it safe to say they were happy. And since the water wasn't planned the girls ditched their pants and opted for undies. Might just be the cutest thing I've ever seen... and some of the happiest baby girls alive.

After the beach we were pretty hungry and had been told to visit the Corvette Diner, which also happened to be less than 1 mile away from our hotel in a cute little shopping center. So we hit that up. It was the cutest little 50s diner I've ever been to. We shared a root beer freeze and enjoyed our food and the festive atmosphere. Good times were had by all.

To keep the fun going after eating we went to our hotel hung out and then swam in the spa-like pool. Again, 2 happier girls have never been seen. Although Peyton was distraught for a minute that Boppie wasn't there. Apparently she thought he had to stay in all hotels with us since her first hotel experience in Arizona.

Finally after a long day of fun, these 2 cuddled while we watched TV together preparing for bed.

Thursday we woke up early... thanks to Miss Jovie. Watched some toons. Enjoyed our continental breakfast at our Hotel (The Days Inn---Sea World) and then after a ton of begging from Peyton went swimming again.

And then we picked up lunch from Fresh and Easy to take into the zoo... used the last of our gift cards for some Jamba Juice and were onto the zoo at last.

We had a wonderful day seeing more animals then we have ever seen moving around before at a zoo. Saw the pandas for the first time, 2 grizzly bears playing and even the lions awake. Our passes even included the aerial tram, and bus, which we took advantage of at the end of the day when we were pretty worn out. Best of all not 1 moment of crying from either girl the whole day. So it was obviously a good day.
 I love this bird. It reminds me of a hippogrif from Harry Potter or something.
 And someone gave Peyton the nicest compliment which in turn was the nicest compliment for me. A woman from Europe somewhere told her she was the cutest girl she had seen all day. I had to agree.
 And every time she would see one of those statues she had to run up and take a photo with it. I was all too happy to comply.

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