Friday, February 28, 2014

San Diego Staycation

About 6 months ago Wes and I won tickets to the San Diego Zoo at a little food fair we went to with my parents and family.Well the expiration date on those bad boys were quickly approaching so we had to act fast. And since (last week at least) the weather was superlative we decided to make it a little family vacation.

We headed out Wednesday morning and went straight to Mission Bay to play on the playground and around the beach. The kids were in heaven!!!! Jovie discovered sand for the first time (that she can remember at least). Then we went into the water. What?!?!?!?!?! Those 2 were over the moon excited. I would assume it safe to say they were happy. And since the water wasn't planned the girls ditched their pants and opted for undies. Might just be the cutest thing I've ever seen... and some of the happiest baby girls alive.

After the beach we were pretty hungry and had been told to visit the Corvette Diner, which also happened to be less than 1 mile away from our hotel in a cute little shopping center. So we hit that up. It was the cutest little 50s diner I've ever been to. We shared a root beer freeze and enjoyed our food and the festive atmosphere. Good times were had by all.

To keep the fun going after eating we went to our hotel hung out and then swam in the spa-like pool. Again, 2 happier girls have never been seen. Although Peyton was distraught for a minute that Boppie wasn't there. Apparently she thought he had to stay in all hotels with us since her first hotel experience in Arizona.

Finally after a long day of fun, these 2 cuddled while we watched TV together preparing for bed.

Thursday we woke up early... thanks to Miss Jovie. Watched some toons. Enjoyed our continental breakfast at our Hotel (The Days Inn---Sea World) and then after a ton of begging from Peyton went swimming again.

And then we picked up lunch from Fresh and Easy to take into the zoo... used the last of our gift cards for some Jamba Juice and were onto the zoo at last.

We had a wonderful day seeing more animals then we have ever seen moving around before at a zoo. Saw the pandas for the first time, 2 grizzly bears playing and even the lions awake. Our passes even included the aerial tram, and bus, which we took advantage of at the end of the day when we were pretty worn out. Best of all not 1 moment of crying from either girl the whole day. So it was obviously a good day.
 I love this bird. It reminds me of a hippogrif from Harry Potter or something.
 And someone gave Peyton the nicest compliment which in turn was the nicest compliment for me. A woman from Europe somewhere told her she was the cutest girl she had seen all day. I had to agree.
 And every time she would see one of those statues she had to run up and take a photo with it. I was all too happy to comply.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

V-Day. More Like D-Day

Why? Because it was kinda a bust! Wes tried to make plans for us to do a couples massage, but the place we had a certificate to was closed down. So we tried going bowling (with kids in tow), but it was league night and there were no lanes. So we tried another ally, but no luck. So, we went to get ice cream at Rite-Aid and would you believe it, they were closed all day. So we bought some Thrifty's strawberry and sherbet (because that ice cream is the best) went home and ate Ramon noodles and watched the Olympics. Lol! Of course I made heart pancakes and eggs in the morning, so it wasn't completely a bust.

Oh, and we did do some celebrating earlier that week. Well, not so much we but Peyton and I. My playgroup from the ward did a little potluck V-Day exchange. Sadly Jovie was at the doctors for her um... 1 year check up (just a little late which is why I didn't reschedule it again, they are always so busy it's so hard to get an apt). So, Wes took her to get her shots, and I partied with Peyt.

I also put up some decorations around the house so it was at least festive. I got some pretty potted Lily's I can plant from my hubby. I made delicious heart sugar cookies and chocolate covered strawberries for my man. And the day was as always filled with lots of hugs, kisses and I Love Yous. So, the purpose of Valentines Day was fulfilled.

I took some photos of the girls from the day and even though I joke about it being kinda crappy, it doesn't really matter. I will make sure we get a good date in soon enough. ;)

At the party... we made hats. Decorated our gift bags, and the kids ran around like mad.
 Oh, and for some reason, they insisted on eating under the table. Despite our hard work of setting up a chair for each of them. 
I include this picture because I love these 3 with all my heart and this is a Valentines Day post for goodness sake.
 My littlest loves on Valentines Day. Peyton made Wes and I a "love cake" from play-dough, and Jovie just played.
 Kisses, ta-ta.

P.S. Can you believe this was a mere 1 year ago. Yowzers, what a difference!!!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Gilbert Temple Open House

A few weeks ago my mom called to tell me my dad was making a trip to the new temple in Arizona because her aunt (who is not a member of the LDS faith) wanted to tour the temple while she was visiting. She and her husband spend parts of the winter in Arizona to escape the Minnesota snow... wise people am I right?! I really wanted to go so my mom asked if I cared to join him. Wes was pretty busy with work and Jovie is not a very fun traveling partner so I decided to make it a special trip with just me, Peyton and my pops. Peyton thought this was just the best thing since... well ever! She has a very special bond with her Boppie and he gives and does just about anything she wants. He spends all his time with her reading to her, or playing dogs on the ground. He is just the best and she loves him for all the time, love and attention he gives her, so she was stoked to be going with just he and I, though I think she would've been just as happy with just him too.

It was a pretty fast trip, we left Monday afternoon and came home Tuesday night, but it was a wonderful experience and pretty fun. Plus, I got to spend time with family I have only seen here and there over the years and get to know them better. And, I got to spend quality time with some of my most favorite and important people, my little girl and daddy-o.

Peyton is in fact a wonderful travel companion... well, as long as I have movies and entertainment. If I put a movie on, I won't here another peep out of her unless she is singing along or telling me about a part in the movie. We of course made a pit stop along the way... which is my problem. I should really not drink so much soda before a road trip. And between me and my dad, navigation was NOT our strong point. We got lost going pretty much everywhere. It became pretty comical in time. It was just so bad.
 This was also my first time sharing a bed with this girl. And lemme tell you, she is a big time space hog.
 Monday night we spent with Uncle Gene-o and Aunt Karen hearing stories of the past, my Grandpa Bob and about my mom's cousins from Minnesota. I had to take notes for my mom (and my Aunt Karen's insistence) and think my mom enjoyed my note entitled "What About Bob?" No one else seemed to get the joke. Alas. I snickered a few times to myself watching my Aunt and Uncle interact, they were like a TV sitcom couple, bickering and story telling. But I honestly loved getting to know them better and truly enjoyed our late evening. I even got Peyton to fall asleep on me while we were visiting which never happens, making it all the sweeter.

The next morning we met my Aunt and Uncle at a place called "Denny's". Ever heard of it? My Aunt says to us Monday night, "We will meet you at this breakfast place called Denny's by your hotel. They have great breakfast." As if we have never heard of it. I wonder if they have them in Minnesota? Besides our great breakfast I had a feast for my eyes when this hair stood by our table for a while. Thank you Arizona.
 After a ridiculous long ride with getting lost numerous (like 7) times we finally made it to the beautiful temple. Throngs of people were there, and yet you could sense a great spirit and peacefulness as well. The video before the tour was wonderful and really pointed out the importance of the temple to our having eternal families. Which like President Nelson (?) said is the only way heaven would be heaven. Without my family heaven would not be.
 The grounds were beatiful and maybe because I am so used to the little Redlands temple the interior seemed gigantic. I loved walking through this beautiful building and was grateful I was able to go.
 Peyton loved the fountains outside (the best for sure), but she also loved the "bootie" shoes we had to wear and the Christmas lights inside. She thought the chandeliers looked like Christmas lights and she would get so excited every time she saw some. It was precious.
 Thank you Dad for taking us.
 Thank you Aunt Karen for coming and having a desire to see the temple and learn about us "Mormons" and for having such an open mind and heart. It was so fun to see her impressions as we walked there, and her heart change and she realized we were truly Christians with a wonderful love for our families and especially Christ.
 And thank you my sweet Peyton for being such a fun friend for me. I am glad to have one on one experiences with each of my girls (and future children) and this was a good way to start.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

My Sweet'art

I had a horrible-terrible-no-good-very-bad-migraine tonight after a day swimming and at the zoo. We got home around 6:30 and I went and laid down in bed right away. After Excedrin and rest (but no relief) I took a shower/bath (which has helped in the past). As I was in there Peyton came in to check on me. She played me a quiet song on her duck call after whispering her condolences to me, then gave me her boat to play with, and then offered me her Ellie. Because in her words "Ellie always makes her feel better and would help me". I love that even though she is a 3 year old- and sometimes very much a 3 year old, she is a sweet girl in more ways than I could ever say. Being a mom is so rewarding sometimes, actually most of the time. And I thank my lucky stars I get this opportunity, and most of all that I have these specific girls!!! I am a lucky ducky!!!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Saying Prayers

'Cuz kneeling is for simpletons. 

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Beginning and The End and Somewhere in the Middle

This last weekend I was having a conversation with a friend of mine who moved away as her husband attends dental school.

I asked the question, "So how's life?"

Her response, "You know, it's life. It just keeps going."

Since this conversation I've been thinking a lot about that statement. Life doesn't start at any moment. Just because you start a career, have money or not, move, have kids, etc, life doesn't "start" it changes and continues. The key is to find happiness in the changes be they good or--- well, not so good.

Sometimes, I feel like I am waiting for something. When___ happens I will.... Or I will be so happy when ____ happens.

My new goal is to try being happy where I am regardless. As I struggle I want to be happy. As we succeed I want to be equally happy. I want to stop waiting for something to bring me happiness, as I know I've done in the past. I am living the life I will live, and the key to what I want is finding joy in the journey. As I am sure every one of you know life has ups and life has downs, but it is still life. I have sometimes thought, I am just going to give up, but in reality that would change nothing. There is no other option then to keep trying and moving forward. Sorry, but as long as we live, we move and change.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Flashback Friday

My cute mother and father in-law. I stole these from some family members on Facebook so I am not sure of the dates, but I love old photos like these.

Fred reminds me a lot of Wes. He is on the far left with his brother (Dan), sister (Lisa) and mother (Grandma Jean). And don't you love how the boys are posed in front of their senior photos?

Sandie is the little one on the right that looks exactly like a young Ashleigh, and Brinley to me. She is with her sister (Lynn), and her mom and dad (Grandma and Grandpa Gubler). Aren't their clothes just fabulous?! I love this style and era.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014