Saturday, January 4, 2014

Total Recall

One of the many reasons I love this blog and attempt to be diligent in the up-keep of this is so I can look back at my life and have a written record. I know it can be argued that we only remember the good on here, but my own memory does that. I look back at life and know I had hard times, but miraculously only recall the happy times. I don't know why or even how in some circumstances but I do enjoy it. I plan on writing about this little miracle later, but for now I will just move on. There have been many events and things I would have simply forgotten ever happened if not for this little bloggy. 2013 was a grand year for us. Life changing in many ways. Such as Jovie becoming a permanent fixture in our world. Wes giving in and doing real estate 100% (best decision ever for us BTW). And well Peyton and I just keeping on keeping and having so much fun!

So a brief and simple recap of what we did in 2013.....
-The first day of our year we brought home our 1 day old baby #2
-And 6 days later celebrated our 7th anniversary
-Peyton had her 1st dental experience
-Blessed to see Baby Wyatt blessed
-And even better witnessed the sealing of the Moore family in the Los Angeles Temple
-My poor Peyton had her first set of stitches and her first haircut
-Jovie girl was blessed on a very special and wonderful day
-Miss Peyton moved to her big girl bed
-Had so much fun with our playgroup at museums, gyms, parties, etc
-Watched my baby grow, roll, crawl, and change each month
-Spent time with cousins and friends
-Easter at the Todd home... Wes had to speak in sacrament meeting, not surprising as we always seem to have to speak on holidays. I also got the world's cutest Easter bunny picture of my 2 baby girls.
-Wes turned 30!!!!!!! Yikes!!!!!! Threw him a big 30 for 30 party equipped with sumo wrestling and all.
-I turned 28 years old and bowled the night away.
-Continued on our quest for the best burger...  the best is yet to be determined.
-Spent time enjoying the great outdoors, eating, days at the beach, hiking, camping, working, playing, you name it.
-Tried some new things like the Upland Lemon Festival.... until we feared for our life.
-Cheered on the Clippers at a fun game or 2 at the Staples Center in L.A.
-Jovie at a little over 5 months started on solid food. 
-Peyton got to go with grandparents to Disneyland.
-Had the best Memorial Day Weekend in Camarillo with cousins we love so much!
-Wes spent a weekend in Reno for Vision Training with Josh Bladh.
-Summer was as always wonderful, full of swimming, Angels baseball games, Quakes baseball, concerts in the park, playgroup parties, the circus, and a whole lotta fun!
-Annual 4th of July festivities of fireworks in the park on the 3rd, Salt Creek Beach on the 4th, and fireworks at Grammy and Papa's house later that night.
-Peyton turned 3 and had a fun b-day camping at Yosemite National Park with her Todd cousins and the Huefners!
-We followed up our wonderful camping trip there with the camping trip from hell at Lake Powell.
-Thanks to my ultra fabulous husband, I (along with a cute baby stow-away) was able to meet my childhood best friends in St. George for a much desired girls weekend. 
-Going on with that theme, I again (along with my stow-away) went on yet another girls weekend in L.A. with my mom and sisters. 1 word.... Fabulous!
-And what's the end of summer without the L.A. County Fair?!!! I don't want to know!
-Had a little tragedy with the loss of a pregnancy. But all is well.
-Had probably the most fun this Fall/Halloween with my littles. We as a family dressed as the 3 Little Pigs and The Big Bad Wolf. Best activity was def. my dad's b-day in Oak Glen at the Sleepy Hollow Show.
-Fun day trips to the Safari Park and Sea World.
-Thanksgiving 2013 in St. George, and what a good time we all had! Oh, and did I mention how at Thanksgiving we got a real surprise.... 4 new babies on the Aleman side by summer! Ashleigh due in May, Kati due with twins in June and Jaime with #5 shortly after. Crazy right. And with the 2 new additions from my side (Heidi in Feb, Sarah in April), we are going to be super busy aunts and uncles next year.
-Took Peyton ice skating for the first time.
-Celebrated all month long in December, and again had the best Christmas to date. Each year has gotten more and more fun, I love my growing family!!!
-And finally doubled up on the celebration the last day of the year. Both bringing in the new year and celebrating my Jovie's 1st b-day!!!

Phew, 2013 sure was busy! But what a great year. I honestly can't think of anything bad or negative to write about it, it was all so wonderful! It's amazing how time changes things, but always for the best! Sometimes in the moment things are hard to see, and reasons hard to distinguish, but I have learned to trust the Lord, His timeline and His ways, and things make more sense, and His reasons become clear. Best wishes to all in 2014.

And here is definitely not a picture of our New Years Resolutions.

Yes, it is Wes on 1-1-14 sitting in bed at like 10:30PM eating a box of Loft-house sugar cookies. Sadly, we are trying to eat more healthy. Alas, tomorrow is a new day. :)


Hull Family said...

April! I LOVE your blog. You are amazing. Every time I look at your blog I tell my self that I'm going to get mine up-dated and stay on top of it...I'm REALLY going to do it this time!!!
So many fun posts. You're my inspiration!!

Annette Todd said...

Great blog WAS a very good year for all of us I think. And, I love Wes's guilty expression -- with the cookies in bed!

Anonymous said...

Hey!! You forgot the best part!
The Texas Alemans came for Christmas!!! How could you forget?
Just kidding, love ya! :)