Friday, January 24, 2014

That's What She Said

Some of these are a few months old, and some are recent. I try to make note of funny things I hear, see or the kids do (mostly on my phone), but as you know it is hard to keep up. Kids do honestly say the darndest things all the time so it is impossible to remember everything or note it all. But, that's what this blog is for, an attempt to remember the small stuff. 

-Peyton started primary this year on 1/5/2014. She has been soooo excited (nursery was just not cutting it anymore and she was pretty done in there, I on the other hand was very happy having her still in there because it meant she was still my baby). After primary I asked her how it went. Her response, "Ummmmm....(short pause) it was pretty good." It was all very nonchalant.

-On 1/7 I was out in the front room with Jovie in the morning when Peyton walked out of her room (from waking up) Peyton looks at me and says, "I just had the craziest dreams!" She was still pretty tired looking but so animated. She then proceeds to tell me a dream about her and Tigger (I am pretty sure she was making it up as she went too).

-As of the middle of January her most common phrase is, "how cute is that?" Or, "how cute is Jovie?" Or "how cute am I?" Everything is how cute? This very evening I was changing a poopy diaper of Jovie, she had been pretty constipated so it was a little nugget, Peyton walked over and looked at the diaper and said, "how cute is that little poop?" It is so funny and cute.

-(Long time ago) Peyton came up to Wes and said, "Wanna sing like a prince? You can hold my arms like this", and then grabbed his arms and looked into his eyes.

-I asked her one day why she wanted to grow up. Her response, "I wanna drive and stuff." Later (around Christmas) after witnessing me burning myself multiple times with my hot glue gun, and after much contemplation she said, "I don't want to grow up anymore. I just don't want to burn myself."

-Again at Christmas we went to look at Christmas lights at the St. George temple. When it was time to leave and we were walking to our car (much to Peyton's chagrin) she was heard screaming and crying, "Baby Jesus. No.... Baby Jesus" and reaching towards the nativity.

-One of our all time favorite Peyton stories... She has a GREAT imagination, and can usually be heard talking to herself and playing alone (usually when she should be napping). She does great and different voices for her stuffed animals and pretend friends. Even more impressive is that their voices are constant and she remembers how they each talk. One night Wes was putting her to bed and was saying a prayer with her. She asked if her Ellie (elephant she sleeps with every night) and doggy could also say a prayer. He said they could, so after her prayer she helped Ellie with hers, telling Ellie what to say and repeating it in Ellie's voice after, doing an entire prayer this way. After Ellie's prayer it was doggy's turn. Contrary to Ellie, doggy did his own prayer (in his own voice) without Peyton telling him what to say. So as doggy is praying, Peyton interrupts in her own voice, and surprised says, "Oh doggy you don't need any help?!" Doggy (again in his deep gruffy voice) replies, "nope" and then continued on. Hilarious, right?!

-Me, Peyton and Jovie were all doing lion noises one day. After Jovie did her "roar" Peyton grabbed her chest and says, "Oh, that was a heart attack for me!"

-Every so often Peyton will climb into Jovie's crib or pack n' play with her when they wake up. One morning I heard Peyton in there playing with Jovie and since they were both happy I just let it be and listened in. I then overheard Peyton say" Don't worry Jovie, I just have to go to the bathroom and then I'll be right back. Ok?"

-One day I asked Peyton what she was going to be when she grows up. Her response, "A space man, then after a doctor, and then a lion." It's usually a lion or tiger.

-On a walk from the park we saw a basset hound, which is the kind of dog I grew up with and loved. I was telling Peyton about our wiener dog that looked like a hot dog named Einstein. A few days later she (as she does most days now) was pleading (hands clasped and all) to have the pit bull puppy next door, who our neighbors offered to us, and I declined. I explained to her we would not have that kind of dog because they may be mean and fickle as adults and I wanted a "safer" dog. (I am not saying pits are mean, I just don't completely trust them and would rather get something more known for a friendly disposition). She (a little disappointed said) "okay, we'll just get an Einstein."

I love having a 3 year old. She is so smart and funny. She talks a lot. I mean a lot. But, she has such a fun personality and makes for a great companion. I am grateful for daughters and can't wait for #2 to keep me company as well. I sure have some funny girls now though, and they each make me laugh, Every. Single. Day. Seriously, they are hams.


Annette Todd said...

GREAT that girl!!!

Sue Carter said...

I loved the prayer story!! You've got a great blog, I read it all the time!