Friday, January 3, 2014

NYE & 1

I hope Jovie feels the same growing up, but I personally think her birthday is awesome! Unlike our other children she will get a party every year since her birthday lands on New Years Eve.

This year we went to the McCook's house for our NYE celebration. And as we always do, we all had fun.

It is so rare to have a group of friends we both LOVE to hang out with. I like all the women as much as Wes likes all the men... that is hard to find. It helps that my childhood best friend married one of his, and we all still happen to hang out. And, what makes it even better is having kids the same age. So while we get to hang out and talk, our kids are all thoroughly entertained hanging out with one another too.

And, they get to see it as a somewhat slumber party because after they celebrate East Coast time (9 pm) they get to go to bed, while we hang out and play games with only the adults. We had such a fun night, laughing at Taryn's awesome sea lion hint and watching Jill and Paul know absolutely nothing about pop culture. ;)

So I am glad to say we had a wonderful night celebrating the birth of my baby and bringing in a new
year with so much more to look forward to this upcoming year. Not that one night changes anything, but it is fun to look forward to new things, and new experiences and the new year is a great starting off point. My goal in 2014 is to do at least 14 new things and have 14 new experiences. It is to also find the JOY in all things. That is my word for the year.... JOY!!! And so far, so good!!!

 BTW... she absolutely LOVED all the attention of being sung to. Man she is so stinking cute!!!

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Anthony and Lindsay Dayton said...

I think she has an awesome birthday too...better than mine at least she never gets forgotten! happy birthday Jovi its been soo fun watching her grow up online hahah!