Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Kids Will Be Kids

I love watching my girls learn and play. Sometimes they play great together, sometimes....not so much. But, for the most part they are wonderful and really enjoy the company of each other. Peyton really wants Jovie to be a little older so she can play and understand her, Jovie tries to play with Miss Peyton, but ends up frustrating her more than anything. Now, I just need my little Jovie girl to learn to walk so she can enjoy things a little more too. Picking up and eating everything she sees now is just not cutting it for me. But, watching them learn and play and be creative is so much fun. Tiring but fun.

Yes, they dress up in picnic hats and capes completely naked. 
And even sick, with chapped rosy cheeks they play while helping mom and dad grocery shop.
 And kids these day....obsessed with electronics.
And they always enjoy playing with Nana's glasses. Did I ever tell you about the time Peyton was supposed to be napping in Nana's room, and after hearing some noise I went to check on her only to find her with Nana's glasses perched on the tip of her nose reading a children's book.
Oh, and they both LOVE phones. Just this last week at storytime at the library the little one somehow finagled someone else's phone and a cape. Yes, yet another cape, and not even ours.

 And anything soft with these two lovable girls has to be hugged. A lot.
 They both love swinging.
Well, and just the park in general. (Peyton is just too busy there to photograph).
 Like I said, most of the time they play really well together.
 Peyton is still obsessed with making tents. So she begs and begs us to make them all the time. So, many times when we hear Jovie wake up from her nap, Peyton will jump in the pack n' play with her and we will throw a blanket over them so they can have a fun time "camping".

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