Friday, January 3, 2014

In Between Christmas and New Years We.....

Partied like it's 1999, or something like that. Wes' brother Robb and his family from Texas were down, so we spent a fun day in L.A. with them and some of Wes' other family members.

We went to the Science Museum to see the Space Shuttle "Endeavour". I did my best to convince Peyton she wants to be an astronaut while we were there. We all went and saw the 3D Imax movie on the Hubble telescope which was super cool and informative. I never really realized how intense being an astronaut really was. Another plus for the day was having my 2 cute teenage nieces around... built in happy babysitters can't be beat!!!

Some of the family... I just had to show off these cute/beautiful kiddos.

A video about Earth before entering the Endeavour area.
In case you can't tell because this picture has awesome quality, that is Tuggers, Peyton and Delanie sitting there watching so cutely.
And this is an absolutely fitting photo for old weird eyes and Uncle Rico.
Some wind thingy we stood in front of. Yes, I am pretty sure the scientific name for it was wind thingy.
Peyton taking a closer look at some space crap... or at least where space crap goes.
I really wish Kaylah live closer to babysit, she was a natural.
 Far more magnificent and large up close.
 Oh, and did I mention how we ended our night eating at one of my all time favorite L.A. restaurants?
Cuz we did!
Roscoes Chicken n' Waffles 
The next day the weather was so perfect we called everyone up to hike Mt. Rubidoux. My mom was the only willing participant. So, the 5 of us headed up the trail and enjoyed being outside. We ended our hike eating at Chick-Fil-A too so it was a nice reward.

Say what you will about California, but our winters here are the best. The very best!!!

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