Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Kids Will Be Kids

I love watching my girls learn and play. Sometimes they play great together, sometimes....not so much. But, for the most part they are wonderful and really enjoy the company of each other. Peyton really wants Jovie to be a little older so she can play and understand her, Jovie tries to play with Miss Peyton, but ends up frustrating her more than anything. Now, I just need my little Jovie girl to learn to walk so she can enjoy things a little more too. Picking up and eating everything she sees now is just not cutting it for me. But, watching them learn and play and be creative is so much fun. Tiring but fun.

Yes, they dress up in picnic hats and capes completely naked. 
And even sick, with chapped rosy cheeks they play while helping mom and dad grocery shop.
 And kids these day....obsessed with electronics.
And they always enjoy playing with Nana's glasses. Did I ever tell you about the time Peyton was supposed to be napping in Nana's room, and after hearing some noise I went to check on her only to find her with Nana's glasses perched on the tip of her nose reading a children's book.
Oh, and they both LOVE phones. Just this last week at storytime at the library the little one somehow finagled someone else's phone and a cape. Yes, yet another cape, and not even ours.

 And anything soft with these two lovable girls has to be hugged. A lot.
 They both love swinging.
Well, and just the park in general. (Peyton is just too busy there to photograph).
 Like I said, most of the time they play really well together.
 Peyton is still obsessed with making tents. So she begs and begs us to make them all the time. So, many times when we hear Jovie wake up from her nap, Peyton will jump in the pack n' play with her and we will throw a blanket over them so they can have a fun time "camping".

Monday, January 27, 2014


I am seeing visions of 13 years into the future. Led foot, short skirt and a lot of laughing. And I don't think I am ready for it. At all.

Friday, January 24, 2014

That's What She Said

Some of these are a few months old, and some are recent. I try to make note of funny things I hear, see or the kids do (mostly on my phone), but as you know it is hard to keep up. Kids do honestly say the darndest things all the time so it is impossible to remember everything or note it all. But, that's what this blog is for, an attempt to remember the small stuff. 

-Peyton started primary this year on 1/5/2014. She has been soooo excited (nursery was just not cutting it anymore and she was pretty done in there, I on the other hand was very happy having her still in there because it meant she was still my baby). After primary I asked her how it went. Her response, "Ummmmm....(short pause) it was pretty good." It was all very nonchalant.

-On 1/7 I was out in the front room with Jovie in the morning when Peyton walked out of her room (from waking up) Peyton looks at me and says, "I just had the craziest dreams!" She was still pretty tired looking but so animated. She then proceeds to tell me a dream about her and Tigger (I am pretty sure she was making it up as she went too).

-As of the middle of January her most common phrase is, "how cute is that?" Or, "how cute is Jovie?" Or "how cute am I?" Everything is how cute? This very evening I was changing a poopy diaper of Jovie, she had been pretty constipated so it was a little nugget, Peyton walked over and looked at the diaper and said, "how cute is that little poop?" It is so funny and cute.

-(Long time ago) Peyton came up to Wes and said, "Wanna sing like a prince? You can hold my arms like this", and then grabbed his arms and looked into his eyes.

-I asked her one day why she wanted to grow up. Her response, "I wanna drive and stuff." Later (around Christmas) after witnessing me burning myself multiple times with my hot glue gun, and after much contemplation she said, "I don't want to grow up anymore. I just don't want to burn myself."

-Again at Christmas we went to look at Christmas lights at the St. George temple. When it was time to leave and we were walking to our car (much to Peyton's chagrin) she was heard screaming and crying, "Baby Jesus. No.... Baby Jesus" and reaching towards the nativity.

-One of our all time favorite Peyton stories... She has a GREAT imagination, and can usually be heard talking to herself and playing alone (usually when she should be napping). She does great and different voices for her stuffed animals and pretend friends. Even more impressive is that their voices are constant and she remembers how they each talk. One night Wes was putting her to bed and was saying a prayer with her. She asked if her Ellie (elephant she sleeps with every night) and doggy could also say a prayer. He said they could, so after her prayer she helped Ellie with hers, telling Ellie what to say and repeating it in Ellie's voice after, doing an entire prayer this way. After Ellie's prayer it was doggy's turn. Contrary to Ellie, doggy did his own prayer (in his own voice) without Peyton telling him what to say. So as doggy is praying, Peyton interrupts in her own voice, and surprised says, "Oh doggy you don't need any help?!" Doggy (again in his deep gruffy voice) replies, "nope" and then continued on. Hilarious, right?!

-Me, Peyton and Jovie were all doing lion noises one day. After Jovie did her "roar" Peyton grabbed her chest and says, "Oh, that was a heart attack for me!"

-Every so often Peyton will climb into Jovie's crib or pack n' play with her when they wake up. One morning I heard Peyton in there playing with Jovie and since they were both happy I just let it be and listened in. I then overheard Peyton say" Don't worry Jovie, I just have to go to the bathroom and then I'll be right back. Ok?"

-One day I asked Peyton what she was going to be when she grows up. Her response, "A space man, then after a doctor, and then a lion." It's usually a lion or tiger.

-On a walk from the park we saw a basset hound, which is the kind of dog I grew up with and loved. I was telling Peyton about our wiener dog that looked like a hot dog named Einstein. A few days later she (as she does most days now) was pleading (hands clasped and all) to have the pit bull puppy next door, who our neighbors offered to us, and I declined. I explained to her we would not have that kind of dog because they may be mean and fickle as adults and I wanted a "safer" dog. (I am not saying pits are mean, I just don't completely trust them and would rather get something more known for a friendly disposition). She (a little disappointed said) "okay, we'll just get an Einstein."

I love having a 3 year old. She is so smart and funny. She talks a lot. I mean a lot. But, she has such a fun personality and makes for a great companion. I am grateful for daughters and can't wait for #2 to keep me company as well. I sure have some funny girls now though, and they each make me laugh, Every. Single. Day. Seriously, they are hams.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Saturday, January 18, 2014

The Pottery Year

Did you know the traditional gift for an eighth anniversary is pottery? Me either, but it is perfect for us this year. (More on that later.)

8 years with my guy just flew by. I'll tell you what, there for sure has not been a day he has not made me laugh, that he has not told me he loves me, that I am not hugged and kissed and loved. And while it is totes cliche (, while 8 years has simply flown by it also feels like I've been with this man for as long as I can remember. That's a good sign right?! And I swear I try to be as good to him as he is to me. I want my boyfriend forever!
This was a fun anniversary for us. Best of all, we celebrated all week long. I love long celebrations, I mean who doesn't? But, I really love celebrating and find any and all excuses to do so.

Wes surprised me in the morning of our actual anniversary (Jan. 6th) by taking us all (his 3 girls as he calls us) out to brunch. I love brunch, it just seems so classy and fun, and for years (literally, years) I have been dying to try this restaurant off the side of Ortega Hwy overlooking Lake Elsinore. So we went. The kids loved it, but it was not very kid friendly... as in no high chairs, and it was a biker pit-stop. Yes, it was awesome, like all of my wildest dreams. It was weird, random, had Beatles music playing, eclectic decor and the menu was mostly "chef will create" items without specifics listed. My only complaint, it was a tad pricey, but since I knew we were going out later, Wes and I shared a meal and the girls shared something too, so it worked for us.
After a nice easy day, that night we headed to Benihana for our annual dinner date. More on that here and here. We used a self bought gift card and awards card and had a great night!!!!
Then, that weekend (last weekend actually) we did a one night getaway to Catalina Island. We never do gifts, but we love outings, so it is our gift to ourself from each other if you will. We have both been before but it's been a long while for Wes (5th grade) and a good amount of time for me (2002). Plus, with only 1 night to go somewhere Catalina is perfect since it is close, relaxing and you can do everything in that time. In reality our only agenda was merely sleep in, nap, and lounge alone without being hassled, so this was the perfect getaway!

The best part of our boat ride was seeing the water blow out over the water where a whale was. We saw 2 different spouts come up and it was awesome!
Don't be fooled by this picture though, we didn't last too long outside on the boat ride, it got chilly and we quickly moved inside.
(and don't judge my cheesy glasses, I lost my real pair, and these were given to me at a fun-walk we participated in. Thank you Chevrolet for my free glasses!)
We got to the island mid morning and could not check into our hotel (to nap) until 3, so we checked our luggage and began to explore. We headed to a pizza place on the water, which was mediocre at best. The food was greasy, the price steep, and their was some mildew on our outdoor table (plus they didn't let us eat the peanuts they served outside), but with all that, the view was pretty nice and I didn't have to remind a certain 3 year old to eat her food every 20 seconds, so it was a nice meal for us.
We also enjoyed their crazy decor.
and Wes took these all by himself upstairs by the bathroom and showed them to me later. I don't know if I laughed harder at the photos or the fact he was up there alone taking them. I seriously, seriously love this guy you guys!!!
  And like I said, the view....
After eating, we biked around the shoreline and relaxed on Descanso beach. I have deemed our bikes a must have to go on pretty much any vacation anymore. We paid a little extra to bring them, and are oh so glad we did. One very positive thing to vacationing during the off season is the lack of crowds and therefore crowd control. The beach had those nice chairs you typically have to rent, but we were able to lounge on them since no one else was there cost free. And being as tired as we were we both fell fast asleep only to wake to our alarm telling us to head to the casino for our tour.
Oh, and did I mention that Wes and I are 80 year olds on vacation. We go to bed early, watch lots of TV, and take tours of neat buildings. Not a bad life I tell ya. I don't think I will mind one bit being an elderly person with him.

So, as stated we toured the casino, which ironically doesn't have, and never has had an ounce of gambling done within... which kinda bummed us out as we set aside a whole $10 to gamble with while we were there. I am talking $10 combined bucks BTW. It also has the biggest floating ball room above, and the coolest theater below.

The Casino was built in 1929 and was quite the spot for celebrities. And the inside is beautiful as you can see. 
Each of these wood panels is currently worth $55,000
And the theater acts as a live theater venue and to show movies... they do one each week.
The floating ballroom above the theater.
They even let us go out on the balcony at the top for the awesome views.
Honestly it was neat, and I am glad we did it.
 After the tour we headed to the Vons grocery store by our hotel, grabbed some snacks for the night and some soda (for me always) and went back to relax in our room.

The hotel was....OK. Cute from the outside, had overly friendly employees, the rooms were small (but had a bed, bathroom and TV, so we were covered), but it was noisy. The walls were thin and we were by a must use street. I wouldn't be completely opposed to going back, but don't plan on it either. Luckily it was a "Groupon" so it was cheap. Big plus for us!
 After spending a few hours lounging, sleeping, and watching TV in the room, we got up, got ready and headed back to the casino for our organ show, which is just as it sounds. An hour of a man playing the organ before our movie started (Saving Mr. Banks, which I cried through...I blame PMS). We liked the organ show as it was different and unique. One grisly old man even requested "What a Wonderful World) and sang while the man played. Sweet and hi-larious and a little odd in the beginning actually!
After the movie we rode to dinner and being that it was close to 10 pm, we ended in a bar restaurant, the Lobster Trap, where we ate seafood and watched the end of the Clippers destroy the Lakers. It was a good night! 'Nough said.

Oh, and I got a sea bass taco... so of course a certain Dumb and Dumber quote had to come out at the table. And no, I did not, nor did Wes have to throw any salt.
Saturday was even more kick back if you can believe it! We slept in, showered, and readied ourselves for the day. Sadly we had to check out of our hotel at 11, which was a little earlier than we hoped, but whatcha gonna do?! We bought breakfast at the Vons (again) and went up on our patio roof of the hotel and ate looking out over the island, luckily we were the only ones up there too. And after we took a long bike ride down the coast. It might have been one of my favorite things we did the whole time we were there. Whenever we wanted to we jumped off our bikes and walked around, or stopped and looked into the water to watch sea lions. We ended our ride at Pebbly Beach to look for some rocks and clay for Peyton (for her outside rock garden) and to enjoy the area. Remember 8 years... pottery year. We collected pottery on the beach together, thus fulfilling our year requirement (for the first time ever I might add).

On our patio. Sadly like I mentioned before it was cold and foggy, so our view was limited.
However, the fog made for some awesome pictures on our bike ride.
 Our bike ride in general gave us a lot of fun photos.
I mean we had to have one... it was our anniversary.
On our ride back we stopped to watch a couple get married on the sand... it was just them, the person officiating and their photographer. With such a short ceremony we watched the whole thing (all 3 minutes) and cheered on their first marital kiss, then continued on our merry way.
We actually got kind of hungry so we started to look for a place to eat. Which I might add is a tough choice when every shop is a restaurant and there are millions of unknown choices to choose from. We ended at a little Mexican restaurant where we could sit at a bar-table overlooking the boardwalk out towards the water and watch the 50 mile marathoners come across the finish line. And yes, I realize I wrote 50 miles which is correct, these crazy runners ran twice around the island in fact. The only bummer about this day is that is was pretty chilly. Friday had been perfect, but Saturday was kinda cold, Wes and I never really got warm until we got home in our car. I blame that day on my terrible cold that hit hard Sunday and even now as I write I am a mouth breather. Disgusting!

We also walked around the shops and stores, and did a lot of people watching. :)
 After lunch we still had a little time so we paid to go through the very very small museum (which I wouldn't recommend especially if you tour the Casino, which I would recommend). Then we hit up Vons for some more snacks and drinks for the boat ride home. Then sat and watched the fisherman on the small pier until our boat came for us.
In the end we were ready to go home, but had a wonderful time!!! I think every couple needs time away to relax and enjoy being together. Even without kids, escaping "real life" is important to do every once in a while, but with kids it's imperative! I loved coming home to hugs from them too though, and I think that it was fun and important for them to get away from us for a while too. ;)