Saturday, December 27, 2014

Self Inflicted

It was just like any other day. I woke up, headed to the gym, and came home to a daughter with a mullet! What?!

Well, the story goes like this...
I left for the gym leaving Wes with the girls. We had a large diaper box begging to be made into something fun. So, Peyton went to get scissors so daddy could make something for her. She came down with the hair cutting scissors and Wes informed her "that those scissors are only for cutting hair." He then asked her to put them back, and as she was heading up the stairs he made a bad mistake by saying, "You know you aren't suppose to cut your own hair with those, right?!" We believe he incepted our daughter and planted the idea. Because she was gone quietly for the next 5 minutes and when she came down she had a perfectly straight mullet.

Just as her hair was getting longer, curlier and easier for me to do. Sigh.

I came home and couldn't help but laugh as I looked at her. I laughed as I rebuked her and laughed as I told the story. Not my best parenting moment either I suppose.

What's not so funny is trying to make curly hair with thick bangs look good. What else is not great is the fact that I also discovered a very large portion in the back cut very short as well from that day... underneath at least. A lot more cut then we previously thought, which required a decent hair cut to make the back look a little less sparse. Luckily curly hair is far more forgiving of a mom who is not a hair dresser.

The other problem is when people say to her, "uh oh, you cut your own hair. That's not a very good idea." She always responds with something along the lines of "Yes, but I did such a good job." Which she kind of did.

Sunday, December 14, 2014


And here it goes... the rest of our November.

This little girl has the moves like Jagger. I tried to capture her mid dance... cuz' she is awesome!
 Preparing for a day at Disneyland. Peyton (my artist) really wanted to draw a picture of us all. If you look closely you can find our names and quite a few pictures of us. Jovie thinks she is amazing too.
 And a few from our wonderful Disney day.
 Yup... check out that score.
 And whose on top of the scoreboard for the day.
 Miss Peyton loves her dance class.... she may not be the best dancer, but she got an award for being the best listener.
 Most days I find Peyton quietly writing notes, coloring or drawing pictures by herself. It's fun to see her creations. Like this cute lil' snowman.
 We've also started her on educational computer games. These 2 sit next to each other and play together for about an hour... which means I have about an hour each day too. :) Win-win.
 One night we went to Chick-Fil-A for their magic show. A night of magic with cousins=best ever!
 Jovie was an only child one day while Peyt was at a friend birthday party. Side note: I can't believe we are already at this stage. Drop off parties. I don't know if I should laugh or cry. Laugh I suppose. I got some Christmas shopping done, so it was a very productive day. Bet you can't guess where we went? Jovie didn't care about the toys, but cried as we walked by the cribs cuz' she wanted to go ni-night.
 Tracing sister.
 She wrote this all by herself... I helped her sound out the letters. How do you teach silent letters? "Why does it have a "e" at the end?" "I dunno, it just does."
 Oh, and the queen of make-believe had Asher over for a sleepover. Let's look closer.
 Ahhhh, there he is, all tucked in.
 And I got my hair done. After who knows how long. It felt so good.
 And while I did that, Peyton too got a make-over. They are Frankenstein apparently.
 Oh man... I don't even know why I am including these, except for the fact they make me laugh every time I look at them. We discovered some fun apps on the iphone, and have way too much time on our hand apparently.
 This girl is in for a rude awakening when we take those away soon. She is addicted.
 My date with my girl to Target.
 We went out to Camarillo for a cousins b-day party. Who doesn't need cronuts at 10pm? We sure did. And may have to go back for more. The line literally wrapped around the building. Did I mention it was 10pm?
 Love in the produce department. Look for it in theaters soon.
 A beautiful sunset from our balcony.
 Peyton wanted me to strike a pose. I did. So.......
 they did too. Like mother, like daughters.
 My favorite picture of the month for sure. Maybe the year. Maybe ever?! Who is this kid, and why is he looking at Wes like that?!
 Does this photo bring to mind a scene from Despicable Me? Or is it just me?
 Baby Babushka. Her favorite thing to do.
 First visit to see Santa. Success. Literally he lured them over with candy. Worked like a charm.
 At the Festival of Trees in Downtown Riverside after taking family photos.

Thursday, December 11, 2014


Welp, it's finally time to post about our actual Thanksgiving festivities. Two words: Good Times.

The morning began with some good ole' competitive games. We decided on a soccer game so that everyone could participate... even the really young ones ran around or snacked on a parked blanket. Hayley proved to be holding in a lot of pent up aggression, which came out on the field. One word: hilarious. Or scary. It's a toss-up. I think the final count of children hit in the face was 3. Not all by Hayley. And one Boppie down. And the number of husbands wearing their wife's clothes: 1. Guess which one.

Thanksgiving proved to be the warmest one I can remember in a loooong time, and by the time the game ended half of us had heat stroke or were completely dehydrated so we made it a true Todd holiday and hit up a Circle K for some Polar Pops. We were quite the group in there.... I think we were about 9 adults and 10 kids. And we are not a quiet group. In case you didn't know me or my family, our blood is mostly made up of diet soda.

After cleaning up the cooking started. My parents do the turkey, stuffing and gravy and the rest of us divvy out assignments. I made a yummy spicy cranberry cream cheese dip (thank you Sandie), mashed potatoes. And Wes made a banana cream pie... he's the pro. Dinner was all wonderful. It was seriously a perfect day.


P.S. I am including that recipe, because it is sooooooo sooooooo sooooooo good!!!