Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Turkey Day 2013

I hate it when people say Turkey Day. I dunno why it bugs me so bad, it just does. I had a good laugh watching Brooklyn 99, which is really funny you guys, and they joked about good ole' "Turkey Day." Anyway, 2013 was an Aleman Thanksgiving. We have found by going every other year to different family on holidays works best. At least for us. In fact trying to juggle two places the same day is just plumb hard. I swear holidays were so stressful before we decided to just split them completely, they are soooo easy now, and everyone knows what to expect. Win win, everyone is happy and no one is stressed or competing. I recommend it for all who struggle with family time on the holidays. So unless you marry an orphan its something to consider right? Okay, 2 tangents down, moving on. Thanksgiving. When we do an Aleman year Thanksgiving it is in St. George. Oh, speaking of St. George Utah (new tangent approaching) this was the first year I considered it as a place to live. Weirdly both Wes and I said the same thing, never before (and we've been there a lot) has it appealed to either of us. However, as we were leaving I mentioned how I wouldn't mind living there and it really got me this year for some reason. Wes said how funny it was I say that because he had just told Grandpa Gubler the same thing. Hmmmmm. It is so pretty there, decent weather, and man alive you could play outside all the time because you live in nature and things are so close no matter what you wanted to do. I would love to have boats, bikes and toys and just play all the time. St. George friends what do you think? Okay, Turkey Day down, splitting holidays check, St. George thoughts out of the way. Moving on. Thanksgiving. We got there really late Tuesday night (Wed. morning) after getting there pretty fast and sleeping, we woke up Wednesday and all the boys and a few older kids went out to ride dirt bikes, quads and ATVs. My only complaint about the week would be having babies. Because I had the two babies there I had to stay behind due to their inability to do the things the big kids did and lack of babysitters. The boys went out and the women folk and all the preggos stayed behind. I would much much much rather be out playing than shopping. I HATE shopping and I go crazy just sitting around. Which is what we did while the boys were out. I am not a good wife/mother when it comes to these things.


Thursday/Turkey Day the boys played basketball like they do every year. I joined in on the kid game and had some fun. Sadly the game this year was not as good and competitive with all the little ones on the court and all the big boys injured from the day before. After we got cleaned up we headed to Wes' aunt Lynn's house to feast (on goooood food) and watch football, followed by games, and a cute Thanksgiving presentation by the little ones and good ole' Weston B. :) Not to his liking I must add.

The "cheering" section...


Thanksgiving Dinner (I am sad I failed to take a picture of our large family group eating)...


Friday, Peyton spent the day with her cousin Delanie and family (which made her ecstatic) while Wes and I along with Ashleigh, Andy and Jovie went out to ride dirt bikes again. When I say ride dirt bikes I mean Andy and Wes ride (prego Ashleigh hung out) and me attempt badly until I hurt myself with lack of pure skill and ability. I totally wiped out and pretty good I must add, jumping the bike by throttling it when I should have been braking. Awesome, right? Well, I will try again another time. But, at least it was a nice pretty day and it was good to be outside to enjoy it. We were later joined by the Gublers, it was fun to see Jacob who just got back from his mission in Brazil on Wed.



We were later joined by some of the other women folk... and Peyton. They spent the day mini golfing, bumper boating, and arcading.

Saturday after spending the whole morning looking for a movie theater not sold out (trying to see Frozen), we ended up bowling. I started off awesome and then reverted back to normal April bowling halfway through, though I did break 100. Wes on the other hand broke 200 and was again such a stud. I am a lucky woman to be married to him. After we hit up Cafe Rio and then home for Delanie's b-day with the Gubler cousins. Jaime planned lots of fun games, which made for some good laughs. Plus chocolate cake and ice cream. Can't go wrong with a day like that, right?!

Sunday, most of the family left early that morning. We stayed and hung out with Fred and Sandie. I really missed the Huefner kids as I realized how little I had to do the rest of the week with Peyton since she spent every waking moment playing with them, and now the burden fell to me again to keep her occupied. Cousins are just the best. Plus her and Delanie were just so sweet and happy together the whole time. In the late afternoon we headed to the Dixie sign to walk around. My exhausted kids fell asleep before we got there so we had to wake them up to play. After we ate at a Benihana wanna-be restaurant that was not nearly as good and we would not go back. On the plus side, it was the first time Peyton has ever eaten at a place like this and it was entertaining to her. Plus, they were better at the performance side of cooking and had better "tricks" if you will. Her favorite thing though was the big fish tank in the front with the incredible jelly fish. We ended the night at the temple. It was beautiful and a great way to spend our Sabbath.



Monday Wes helped his parents pack up the house. They are renting it out for the next few years which is both great and selfishly terrible. In the long run though, totally great. After a few hours doing that... which was nice for Wes to hang with Grandpa and drive his awesome truck, we went over to downtown and rode the carousel, played in a nice little water feature (even though it was chilly, Peyton did get her feet wet) and got Nielson's frozen custard, which is apparent one of the top places in the country to eat at. And then we were on our way home. Good quick ride, so all in all a good day.

I now feel like after a week of eating really badly, I am ready to get into the Christmas spirit by eating even worse.. I kid, I kid. But only kind of. :) I have so so much to be thankful for. The gospel, family, friends, a home, a good country (for the most part ;), lots of comforts, a healthy body and much much more.

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Daniel Todd said...

Great post, sounds like a truly great time with fantastic people. Consider breaking up the first section of this post into at least two paragraphs though to drastically increase readability. I kid. Oh, and be careful what you wish for...sometimes shopping is much safer than dirt bike riding, note I said sometimes (I heard a lady shot someone on Black Friday).

Finally, I'm in total agreement that calling Thanksgiving turkey day is unacceptable.