Friday, December 13, 2013

The Quest: Part 10

Challenger: Bucket List Burger
Reigning Champ: :/ 
(I seriously don't even know anymore, there have been so many good ones)
Umami, The Habit, In-n-Out

Remember the fantastic Knodd outing from a while back? If you don't you can help yourself out by reading this. Anywho, we had so much fun we just had to do it again. This time with the addition of Rachel and Heidi, both of whom missed out on fried pickle goodness, and mac and cheese bites, and when I say missed out, I mean missed out. If you want to hear about our fun adventure from a far greater writer than myself check out Rachel's account here. I actually became fake BFF with Rachel because of her blog, and knowing her family only confirmed I would love her in real life. To know Camille and Katie is to love them all.

Moving on, to the great burger quest. Bucket List Burger considers itself to be a must have burger. As in their burgers are so good one must add them onto their bucket list hence the name. Does it live up to the hype? I will get to that. What I will say for this place is that they have lots of options. So many sauces, so many possible add ons and bun-types, etc. However, it does not come cheap. Each add on, each extra sauce costs ya. And, I am cheap, so not a fan on this. Which is why In-n-Out will always be one of my tops. Cost to taste value seriously cannot be matched. 

Consensus: So after making my choices, which including a brioche bun, onion rings, special sauce, etc I sat down and took a bite and was....... not sold. The food was mediocre and then to add what it cost on top of it, I will not be returning. It was not without its virtue of course, they did have good sweet potato fried and yummy ranch, but that was about it.

And if you go with the right group, you are still at least guaranteed a good time, which always helps when the food lets you down.

Until New York girls... and if not then at least until April.

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Katie said...

Man, that was a fun lunch. Mediocre food, but super company more than made up for it. And let's just say for the record that the picture of you and me together is amazing! I expect to see it blown up in your house if I ever venture down there! Can't wait for New York!