Saturday, December 7, 2013

More Moments From November

I will finish the month of November with my random pictures that didn't make the cut of having their own post. I think this may end up being a monthly occurrence... so.....

One of my favorites from the month. I took this picture because she not only looked like a little doll, but she was being extraordinarily sweet and fun right that second. I had to capture it and remember it always. She is such a nice girl, so when she is extra sweet it is really something. I luckily get to see her extra sweet a lot, which makes me a lucky mama.
We lucked out and got 2 little girls with a cold/flu at the same time. Peyton was hit hard for about 2 days with a pretty good fever. She is still so funny even sick and enjoyed being "nursed."
 This one likes to eat. Like all day long. And lounge while she does it.
 It got pretty cold this month. And I found a couple of these selfies on my phone. Classic duck lips and double hats.
 We were invited to a princess party of one of our friends. We are not princess people in our home and we don't really have princess dresses. This "gem" Peyton is wearing is a dance costume or something that was handed down to us. It is actually a size 5, so I have no idea why it looks like a "Sexy Snow White" costume that a teen might wear on Halloween. But I got a good laugh watching Peyton's butt cheeks hang out while she was curtsying and playing with the dogs at the party. I guess I should invest in a modest dress up costume. But dang... I also wouldn't mind having my kid's legs.
 And though you can't tell, she did like the princess. Don't let the demonic facial expression fool ya.
 Ah, this one gives the appearance of a much sweeter little girl.
 And here is our puppy brother sister. (I love that commercial). But, seriously, this one is constantly carrying things around in her mouth as she crawls around and explores.
 My girl and me waiting for our daddy to come and get us.
 While we were waiting this one decided to climb the tree.
 I hadn't seen her do it before so I was surprised she could get up to here... Mostly surprised because she tends to be super wussy when it comes to heights. Where on earth did she get that from?
 We were waiting for Wes to come home from showing houses so he could take us to this cute little 10 year old's b-day party at the skating rink. He is a big hockey player so after the party we stayed to watch him play a hockey game. And were able to witness Adam in his really loud hockey parent glory. And yes, Ryan has on onesie PJ's.
 Peyt had a blast ice skating with Wes. (and of course her BFF Asher).

 And was pretty insistent she go off on her own. I was surprised how well she did here too. I loved when she fell and said, "It's okay, I just get back up, right daddy?" Poor kid with no gloves on took falling like a champ.
Oh yeah, and our door broke. Like I shut it one day and the whole bottom portion just fell off. I think based on the rest of the door you can get a general idea of what sort of condition it was it, and agree that it was probably time for a replacement anyway. And just to brag a little (if that's allowed as I mention how long it took us to get to this point) my studly husband did replace and install it 100% on his own. It just has to get to the point of necessity apparently to get er' done.

And these 2 look forward to bathing together now. Peyton gets really sad when Jovie either doesn't bath with her, or gets out before her.
 And random picture from a Sunday afternoon with family of Grammy and the 2 "babies". And this is a big deal to see Wyatt so full of expression as that is not easy to come by. So, you're welcome people.
 And speaking of Grammy Aleman, we recently got a bucket of Wes' childhood things. Inside was his old Lego's. Ere go after a little baby goes to bed, this toddler instantly asks for Lego time. See, I guess all kid toys aren't junk waiting to be thrown away, contrary to popular opinion.

And folks, that basically sums up the rest of our November. Now onward to December, month of events!

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Annette Todd said...

Another great post dear daughter! A couple of these had me laughing out loud (here at work again)...puppy girl and that Snow White mini dress (and demonic look).