Saturday, December 14, 2013

11 months... only 1 more to the big one!!!!

We are getting far to close to this little girl's 1st birthday for this mama's liking. I am so not ready to have her be a toddler, I have quite enjoyed this cuddly baby of mine. Although, I am loving her new found-crawling freedom and she has become right pleasant in this last few weeks... minus a few weeks of grumpiness due to teething. I would also have to say in the last few weeks she has really started to show a funny side to her personality and it will be fun to see it emerge even more as she gets older. I love how animated this one is, and what a happy or jovial little girl she is.

Granted she is a few weeks over 11 months now, and I am going to include a few things she has just recently started to do.

Weight: 18 lbs

-Jovie is a waver... and she is so cute at it. She waves like crazy out windows, to every person we walk by, and whenever you say good-bye.
-She has started to love to play with Peyton and Peyton with her. Which has been cause to some of the cutest laughing sessions you ever did here.
-Does a shake smile just like sister. Still working on doing it on command though.
-Gives high-fives.
-Can fold her arms on command.
-Still loves watching TV.
-Has 3 teeth through and one anxious to join the rest, but not quite peeking through.
 -Favorite things is still the bath.
-Loves animals a lot... and will growl at dogs. And when  you ask what a doggie says she makes the funniest growl noise.
-Gives good hugs and kisses.
-Funny little talker.
-Screams all the time. This drives me a little crazy, but sometimes it is happy screams and sometimes mad.
-Points at everything.
-And is simply a joy.

Love this girl. She is hilarious, still pretty cuddly and sweet, and is a light in our family.

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