Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The First Year

I will shed a quiet tear here in my home while you enjoy these photos of my little girl growing up. Because, yes, it's already been a year! Why?!?!?!?!?!?! How?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

My little New Years Eve babe turned one today. It was a bitter-sweet day, but she gets more and more fun with each passing moment!

1 month
 2 months
 3 months
 4 months
 5 months
 6 months
7 months
 8 months
 9 months
 10 months
 11 months
My baby... the 1 year old.

We got this girl shaking... just like her sister.
Pulls up on things... no cruising quite yet, but she has just started walking holding our hands this last week or so.
Can say, Mama, Dada, uh-oh, thank you, bye-bye, hello (her first real word in fact), and she makes dog noises and a dog-like grunts when she sees animals.
Loves making elephant noises and growling
Folds her arms.
Does a big dance bob... hard to describe, but her body goes up and down when she dances or is happy.
Shakes her head really crazily when she feels silly.
Blows kisses... my favorite.
All the sudden is a cuddly bug big time again.
Gives good hugs and kisses.
Gets a lot of attention when we are out and about, and shares her big smile very easily. Gets attention for her eyes and dimple too.
Has 3 teeth... 2 on bottom 1 snaggle on the top. :)
Does hand motions for the songs "Happy and You Know it..." and my personal favorite, "The Wheels on the Bus".
Her favorite song without a doubt is "What does the fox say" where she always gets happy and dances when we play it.

She is just a sweet heart. She loves being held by mom and dad, but is fine with others as long as we aren't visible. Peyton loves her and Jovie deals with a lot because of this love. I just can't get enough of this girl and she is just as darling inside as she is out. But, she loves her daddy and wants him to hold her a lot, especially if she is crying. This first year honestly flew by, and in a way I feel a little guilty, because I don't feel like I remember everything or have done enough for this sweet girl. But, life is grand with her in it. 

Friday, December 20, 2013

The Fish Santa

One of our other favorite things to do during the holidays is go to Bass Pro Shop to visit Santa. We started this when Peyton was a baby and loved it. But, each year it is getting crazier and crazier. We went on Tuesday night last week in hopes of beating the crowds since last year was out of control... like 3 hours in line out of control. We got there at about 4:45pm and our time to see Santa was 6:30. Sigh. We tried. The good thing about the way they work it out though is that they give you a pass and you can walk around the store or even leave and come back if you wanted to. So we played the games, wrote and sent our letter to Santa, rode the carousel, made a Christmas ornament and then waited in a small line to see Santa. So all in all not bad. And Peyton LOVED the fish Santa. Told him what she wanted (a flashlight and pixie dust necklace) and sat on his lap, and he made her life by saying he would bring her a special surprise for Christmas... he even got a hug for that one.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Hanging Lights

I love decorating for Christmas, but I am so happy my husband hangs the lights. I would not want to do that. This year though, he had two cute "helpers" that loved helping daddy hang the lights. In reality Peyton has been the cutest light helper, and always finds the burnt bulbs and really does help daddy replace them. She has also learned how to turn them on and off in the night, so it has become her job to go out to the garage and turn them on. Can't wait to put her to work even more as she grows. Isn't Christmas just magical?!


Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Mission Inn at Night

We spent a fun night at Mission Inn last week with our cousins. Its something we look forward to doing every year. It is so festive, fun, and has the best mini donuts. Okay, in reality it's the donuts that keep me going back every year. It's better to go in the week and not too close to Christmas, but I guess that's everything around here, right? We enjoyed walking around looking at the lights, caroling for people in a back alley, and looking at the stands, stalls, animals, etc.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

11 months... only 1 more to the big one!!!!

We are getting far to close to this little girl's 1st birthday for this mama's liking. I am so not ready to have her be a toddler, I have quite enjoyed this cuddly baby of mine. Although, I am loving her new found-crawling freedom and she has become right pleasant in this last few weeks... minus a few weeks of grumpiness due to teething. I would also have to say in the last few weeks she has really started to show a funny side to her personality and it will be fun to see it emerge even more as she gets older. I love how animated this one is, and what a happy or jovial little girl she is.

Granted she is a few weeks over 11 months now, and I am going to include a few things she has just recently started to do.

Weight: 18 lbs

-Jovie is a waver... and she is so cute at it. She waves like crazy out windows, to every person we walk by, and whenever you say good-bye.
-She has started to love to play with Peyton and Peyton with her. Which has been cause to some of the cutest laughing sessions you ever did here.
-Does a shake smile just like sister. Still working on doing it on command though.
-Gives high-fives.
-Can fold her arms on command.
-Still loves watching TV.
-Has 3 teeth through and one anxious to join the rest, but not quite peeking through.
 -Favorite things is still the bath.
-Loves animals a lot... and will growl at dogs. And when  you ask what a doggie says she makes the funniest growl noise.
-Gives good hugs and kisses.
-Funny little talker.
-Screams all the time. This drives me a little crazy, but sometimes it is happy screams and sometimes mad.
-Points at everything.
-And is simply a joy.

Love this girl. She is hilarious, still pretty cuddly and sweet, and is a light in our family.

Friday, December 13, 2013

The Quest: Part 10

Challenger: Bucket List Burger
Reigning Champ: :/ 
(I seriously don't even know anymore, there have been so many good ones)
Umami, The Habit, In-n-Out

Remember the fantastic Knodd outing from a while back? If you don't you can help yourself out by reading this. Anywho, we had so much fun we just had to do it again. This time with the addition of Rachel and Heidi, both of whom missed out on fried pickle goodness, and mac and cheese bites, and when I say missed out, I mean missed out. If you want to hear about our fun adventure from a far greater writer than myself check out Rachel's account here. I actually became fake BFF with Rachel because of her blog, and knowing her family only confirmed I would love her in real life. To know Camille and Katie is to love them all.

Moving on, to the great burger quest. Bucket List Burger considers itself to be a must have burger. As in their burgers are so good one must add them onto their bucket list hence the name. Does it live up to the hype? I will get to that. What I will say for this place is that they have lots of options. So many sauces, so many possible add ons and bun-types, etc. However, it does not come cheap. Each add on, each extra sauce costs ya. And, I am cheap, so not a fan on this. Which is why In-n-Out will always be one of my tops. Cost to taste value seriously cannot be matched. 

Consensus: So after making my choices, which including a brioche bun, onion rings, special sauce, etc I sat down and took a bite and was....... not sold. The food was mediocre and then to add what it cost on top of it, I will not be returning. It was not without its virtue of course, they did have good sweet potato fried and yummy ranch, but that was about it.

And if you go with the right group, you are still at least guaranteed a good time, which always helps when the food lets you down.

Until New York girls... and if not then at least until April.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

More Moments From November

I will finish the month of November with my random pictures that didn't make the cut of having their own post. I think this may end up being a monthly occurrence... so.....

One of my favorites from the month. I took this picture because she not only looked like a little doll, but she was being extraordinarily sweet and fun right that second. I had to capture it and remember it always. She is such a nice girl, so when she is extra sweet it is really something. I luckily get to see her extra sweet a lot, which makes me a lucky mama.
We lucked out and got 2 little girls with a cold/flu at the same time. Peyton was hit hard for about 2 days with a pretty good fever. She is still so funny even sick and enjoyed being "nursed."
 This one likes to eat. Like all day long. And lounge while she does it.
 It got pretty cold this month. And I found a couple of these selfies on my phone. Classic duck lips and double hats.
 We were invited to a princess party of one of our friends. We are not princess people in our home and we don't really have princess dresses. This "gem" Peyton is wearing is a dance costume or something that was handed down to us. It is actually a size 5, so I have no idea why it looks like a "Sexy Snow White" costume that a teen might wear on Halloween. But I got a good laugh watching Peyton's butt cheeks hang out while she was curtsying and playing with the dogs at the party. I guess I should invest in a modest dress up costume. But dang... I also wouldn't mind having my kid's legs.
 And though you can't tell, she did like the princess. Don't let the demonic facial expression fool ya.
 Ah, this one gives the appearance of a much sweeter little girl.
 And here is our puppy brother sister. (I love that commercial). But, seriously, this one is constantly carrying things around in her mouth as she crawls around and explores.
 My girl and me waiting for our daddy to come and get us.
 While we were waiting this one decided to climb the tree.
 I hadn't seen her do it before so I was surprised she could get up to here... Mostly surprised because she tends to be super wussy when it comes to heights. Where on earth did she get that from?
 We were waiting for Wes to come home from showing houses so he could take us to this cute little 10 year old's b-day party at the skating rink. He is a big hockey player so after the party we stayed to watch him play a hockey game. And were able to witness Adam in his really loud hockey parent glory. And yes, Ryan has on onesie PJ's.
 Peyt had a blast ice skating with Wes. (and of course her BFF Asher).

 And was pretty insistent she go off on her own. I was surprised how well she did here too. I loved when she fell and said, "It's okay, I just get back up, right daddy?" Poor kid with no gloves on took falling like a champ.
Oh yeah, and our door broke. Like I shut it one day and the whole bottom portion just fell off. I think based on the rest of the door you can get a general idea of what sort of condition it was it, and agree that it was probably time for a replacement anyway. And just to brag a little (if that's allowed as I mention how long it took us to get to this point) my studly husband did replace and install it 100% on his own. It just has to get to the point of necessity apparently to get er' done.

And these 2 look forward to bathing together now. Peyton gets really sad when Jovie either doesn't bath with her, or gets out before her.
 And random picture from a Sunday afternoon with family of Grammy and the 2 "babies". And this is a big deal to see Wyatt so full of expression as that is not easy to come by. So, you're welcome people.
 And speaking of Grammy Aleman, we recently got a bucket of Wes' childhood things. Inside was his old Lego's. Ere go after a little baby goes to bed, this toddler instantly asks for Lego time. See, I guess all kid toys aren't junk waiting to be thrown away, contrary to popular opinion.

And folks, that basically sums up the rest of our November. Now onward to December, month of events!