Friday, November 15, 2013

This October We............

Tried new food.
Learned a new trick... which we do allllllll the time. Like bam-bam... loves to pound on anything, and especially her own legs.

 Watched a fun little girl smile and play.

 Got a rockin' new hair cut. Verrrry needed.

Had a fun play-date with our cousins. Pudding paint and all.
Played together and laughed and laughed.
Went through our winter clothes and hats to see what fit and what didn't.
Took silly pictures one day after naps.
Speaking of naps....
And lounged while watching some toons.
Got ready for a fun party in personalized outfits.
Oh, and learned how to crawl.
And at said party, got lots of candy from the pinata... just what we need in October, right? But also had lots of fun with friends.
 Ate at "Ra" Sushi using our half b-day free meal. Paid $5 for the whole entire meal.

Daddy made an awesome fort we played in.
He also took this cutie-pie on a daddy daughter date to get ice cream.
And he also played a lot.
 Had a fun visitor who wandered in one day.
And another not so wonderful visitor bite us... remember Precious?
This one loved putting.
And this one loved flying.
Helped daddy outside doing yard-work.
While others watched.
Had fun playing with the i-spy quilt Grammy made us.
And trying on Halloween costumes.

Spent a few fun days at the park making new friends, and swinging. (don't mind the bum in the background photo-bombing the photo)
And just hung out like always.

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