Sunday, November 17, 2013

Monday November 4th, at 10 months

This one officially learned how to crawl. Before this she would scoot each knee once then lunge at whatever she wanted. Once she was on the belly, she was donezo. But, on this day, she got it. She finally learned how to crawl. Granted, I think Peyton was the same age, so really I was not surprised it took us this long. But, we were so much happier when Jovie learned because now she is so much happier. She would get so mad she couldn't join in the fun, get to where she wanted to be, or grab a toy. So this was a happy day, and we have a very "jovi"al baby again. See how I did that? ;) This is the video I took on the 2nd time she actually did it, moments after the first time.

Oh and ironically, Wes wasn't here. He is always here and I swear the 1 time he was out for work stuff, she decides to get moving. Poor guy. I guess she wanted to give him the true dad experience, little stinker.