Monday, November 11, 2013

Halloweeny Shtuff

Sometimes I feel a little alone in the fact that I could celebrate all month long and be completely happy. Granted, I have 2 very young kids, with very low expectations and demands. On top of that our life is not very busy and I love any excuse to get up and get out of the house. So, when holidays come I am in love because we are busy with fun things to do. I don't count fun activities as things "to do" in that sense because I am happy to do it and happy to be busy. So with each activity this Halloween I was probably just as excited if not more so than my young counterparts. With that said, I will now give a brief account of our very fun October in all its fall glory.

Holidays of course would not be complete without a full decorating. Peyton was so funny as we pulled out our sparse Halloween decorations. With each new thing she would say, "Oh my goodness," or "Oh wow, look at this!" And then run around showing everyone including Jovie. And, being the bad mom I am we never got around to carving our pumpkin, so rather we created "jug-o-lanterns" and luckily she was happy enough with those and looking at the neighbor's intense decorations every day. And yes, she is in her undies and apron outside, because, well... that's how we roll.

One of our first actual Fall activities was our Perris Playgroup Party. We threw a small Halloween party for all the younger kids where they each dressed up, played games like: eating the donut off the string with no hands (or just ripping it off the string really), pass the pumpkin, bowling down mummy rolls, decorating cookies, candy exchange and a potluck. Sounds fun, right?! However, I think all the kids favorite activity was at the end when we were cleaning up and I took the big broom and as I swept I would chase the pack of kids around as I laughed like a witch. They thought that was hilarious. My dear Peyton loved her WalMart skeleton jammies so much that that's what she decided she was going to be for Halloween, and I went with it. Jovie girl was able to match wearing Peyton's old jammies from when she was a baby.

Next we attended a huge pumpkin patch with some of our favorite friends, The McCooks. Peyton loved this because she was not only able to be with Macy but ride huge slides and swings there too. Heaven for that 3 year old.

Later we joined the Brobergs and Hernandez's at Ella and Asher's school's fall festival activity. This was awesome because for $5 you could play every ride, do the petting zoo and eat. Seriously! We are excited we went and will be returning next year. Plus it was an awesome and fun fundraiser for our sweet niece and nephews school. Thanks for the invite Brobergs, we had a blast!

 My dad's b-day always ends up getting thrown in with all the other fall activities. This year however, I would say my dad's b-day celebration may have been the highlight of our Fall. My mom bought tickets to the Riley's Farm "Sleepy Hollow" show, and I cannot recommend it enough! We all loved it, the kids all loved it, so much so that we would go back in years to come. My thoughts though... this is an activity for kids 4+, it is so interactive and does go pretty late. So needless to say, we were happy to have left Jovie with Wes' parents that night so we could truly enjoy ourselves. Let me throw out that Hayley and I (and our string holder Danny) won the apple on a string contest, and I did come in 2nd in the pumpkin pie eating contest... just barely. I mean anything that requires a ridiculously large mouth is my kind of game. Thanks mom for the wonderful experience, and thanks Dad for being born! And isn't this place just gorgeous?! For one night we got to pretend we here in Cali actually get a Fall season.

Then we had our ward's trunk or treat which is always fun. Annnnd, of course Halloween day/night. We dressed up in our Halloween clothes in the day to go to the Perris Library for spooky stories and to make a funny spider hat.

Then for the evening we met at the Danny and Sarah Todd's house like every year and had a fun driveway dinner of chili and cheap nachos, thanks to the wonderful California weather in November, and ended the night with trick-or-treating, which Peyton got this year and loved. She would run to the house, ring the bell, say "Trick-or-Treat", get her candy, then say "thank you, happy Halloween" and be on her merry way. She lasted longer than all her other cousins except Ryan Hamilton too. But, I cannot believe it, not one single Snickers! I am writing a strongly worded letter to each and every house we went to about how water taffy is for losers, and I demand more nuggety goodness.

Our costumes this year... the 3 Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf

and our cousins who meet every year to trick or treat together....
The Brobergs
 Ryan Hamilton
 And the Todds (minus strong-willed Will, who wouldn't dress up)
(that's Carter as Minecraft TNT, which got him a lot of positive attention and many a kid wanting his costume... and it's homemade people)

So all in all... we had an awesome October!!!


Heidi Broberg said...

SO CUTE and fun. I cant believe YOU didn't carve pumpkins this year, now I really dont feel guilty...the Halloween Queen. Ps I think Wes borrowed that $5 for the harvest festival (I wouldve forgot...)SO that means we just need to meet at taco bell soon and have lunch together...

Sarah said...

I can't decide whether I like Peyt's hair better curly or straight...she's just so cute both ways! Always glad we get to celebrate holidays together. Love you!