Saturday, November 23, 2013

10 Months

Uggggh! By the time I get to posting these monthly updates I might as well be doing the next months, seeing that Miss Jovie Noel will be 11 months here in a little over a week. Let's again pretend this was done 3 weeks ago.

But, for histories sake, I will do a brief update of what she's been up to during this 10th month of hers.

Got her 9 month check-up right as she turned 10 months... see I am just a month late for everything.
weight: 17 lbs 12 oz (30%)
height: 27.25 in (15%)
head: 17 in

-Still growls, especially when she sees an animal
-Waves "hi" and "bye" with this cute little limp wrist wave, that she can't help but look at as she does it. I LOVE this funny little sweet wave
-She can say "bye", and a little bit "hi"
-Babbles mamamamama and dadadadada all day long
-Has attempted Peyton's name.. attempt being the key word
-Crawling really well now
-Bounces and claps when music comes on
-Speaking of clapping, she claps now
-Signs "more" and tries to say that too
-Loves to play on the ground and crawl around
-Knows the word "No" or "Don't" but thinks it's really funny to do it anyway (whatever she was not supposed to do)
-Still naps 2 a day... morning nap for about an hr, afternoon nap from 1.5-2 hrs. If I miss our morning nap she will nap like 3 hrs during the afternoon nap, but I pay the price waiting to put her down. I like the girls to nap together in the afternoon so I hold out. Selfish I know.
-She's a pretty good sport about most things
-Eats about every 2 hrs... food, bottle, food, bottle
-Night sleep 6:30/7ish- 6:30/7ish
-Talky funny little babbling baby... all day long. Makes sing-song noises
-Still takes a paci during nap and bed... or when she's a grumpster
-LOVES to bathe and splash... seriously loves water
-Still does not and will not even attempt to hold her own bottle
-Gives the BEST kisses, and leans her head into your shoulder for hugs
-Sleeps nights in her crib, days in the pack-n-play in our room and is good at night being moved from one to the other as needed.
-Points to things... it's so funny. She just "ooh-ooh" at things while she points. Especially Santa in a helicopter at Home Depot.
-Likes TV.... a lot. whoops
-Eats almost everything, but not canned baby meat (who can blame her?) and not baby food peas (again who can blame her?)

Friday, November 22, 2013

Sea World Preschool Days

We lucked out! My same friend who I went to the zoo with at the end of last month informed me of this field trip her SIL was part of that I could go to if I bought through her teacher which was happening the next week. Did any of that make sense? Basically, I got field trip prices ($8 each ticket) if I bought through the preschool teacher. Which I did for my whole family! So we got in for about $25 total, because we also got educational parking which is FREEEEEE!

So we met the preschool group. Waited for everyone to get there outside. Got signed in. Then were on our own.

We kinda wandered around a lot. Ended up in the Sesame Street play area, which was surprisingly awesome, especially with littles. They had great places for Peyton to jump, climb and run, and even a soft little area for just babies. Which was wonderful for our new little crawler.

Then we visited the animals and some of the shows. I'm pretty sure the dolphin show has been done since the mid 1980s and they haven't changed it one bit. It was awesome because it was so terrible. Who choreographed that and thought, "yup, put in some interpretive dancing, ballet, and awesome effects and go with it. No one will even notice the lack of dolphins in the show." 

We stayed with our friends the Burks for a while, Sveta and her girls as well as her sweet mother in law who used to be in our ward. But, after a while we kinda lost one another.

The day was just wonderful. Great warm weather, no crowds, you couldn't ask for a better day. So with the lack of crowds we had some good experiences. While visiting the dolphin area we watched the trainers work with them for a while. Wes had some questions, so we approached a trainer and started talking to her. Well, she was kind enough to have one of the dolphins come over, belly skid up to us, and then we were all able to touch it. Awesome, right?! Peyton liked it, but I think it scared her a bit how fast it approached us.

The little weirdo however said her very favorite thing (even before we did it) was touching the sea stars. She LOVED it and still talks about sea stars all the time.

She did not want to leave this area, so Wes and I walked away and watched what she would do. We hid and took some photos of her. As  you can see, she was not worried one bit. In fact, Wes rushed back to grab her as she began trying to wade into the water to pick up some of the deeper harder to reach sea stars.

We ended our day looking at the "Shamus" as we call them. It was pretty fascinating watching these big beautiful animals. And especially the little baby one.

I just love this little family of mine!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

The San Diego Wild Animal Park

The day before Halloween a friend of mine invited me to go with her and her 2 girls to the Wild Animal Park in Escondido. October in San Diego is the best because kids are free to most of their amusement parks and zoos. So the 6 of us, 2 moms and 4 kids 4 and under, headed out for a fun, perfect weather day. I was a little nervous about all the kids with just the 2 of us, but they were all good. My Jovie didn't cry once which was a big deal as she also spent pretty much the entire day in the stroller. Literally. Peyton now refers to this place as "the park zoo" because we ate lunch at the little park they have in the zoo and that is the thing that stood out the most to her. Go figure right?! We had a wonderful day and I am so grateful for good friends for thinking and inviting us to go. Thanks Sveta!
 Peyton and Anya in front of the flamingos, being flamingos.
 She was terrified of this gorilla painting, I think she thought it was real. I had to force her to touch it and then she was just fine with it.
 Having our lunch and eating at the "playground". About the only time Jovie got out of the stroller.
 And...... photobomb.
 My lil' lemur girl.
 On the tram tour.
 My kids are forced to sit a lot in the stroller, less chasing kids, easier to keep them in check.
 "Look at the little elephante mama."
 Our friends, Anya and little sis Maddy. These 2 sure give their mom a literal run for her money.
 What the devil? Bats, apparently.
 Peyton was scolded by some 6 year-olds for combing the goats the wrong direction. She has not yet forgotten their instruction of the proper way to comb a goat and reminds me each time we see any.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Monday November 4th, at 10 months

This one officially learned how to crawl. Before this she would scoot each knee once then lunge at whatever she wanted. Once she was on the belly, she was donezo. But, on this day, she got it. She finally learned how to crawl. Granted, I think Peyton was the same age, so really I was not surprised it took us this long. But, we were so much happier when Jovie learned because now she is so much happier. She would get so mad she couldn't join in the fun, get to where she wanted to be, or grab a toy. So this was a happy day, and we have a very "jovi"al baby again. See how I did that? ;) This is the video I took on the 2nd time she actually did it, moments after the first time.

Oh and ironically, Wes wasn't here. He is always here and I swear the 1 time he was out for work stuff, she decides to get moving. Poor guy. I guess she wanted to give him the true dad experience, little stinker.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Only in Perris

Do you find art like this in your neighborhood.

Friday, November 15, 2013

This October We............

Tried new food.
Learned a new trick... which we do allllllll the time. Like bam-bam... loves to pound on anything, and especially her own legs.

 Watched a fun little girl smile and play.

 Got a rockin' new hair cut. Verrrry needed.

Had a fun play-date with our cousins. Pudding paint and all.
Played together and laughed and laughed.
Went through our winter clothes and hats to see what fit and what didn't.
Took silly pictures one day after naps.
Speaking of naps....
And lounged while watching some toons.
Got ready for a fun party in personalized outfits.
Oh, and learned how to crawl.
And at said party, got lots of candy from the pinata... just what we need in October, right? But also had lots of fun with friends.
 Ate at "Ra" Sushi using our half b-day free meal. Paid $5 for the whole entire meal.

Daddy made an awesome fort we played in.
He also took this cutie-pie on a daddy daughter date to get ice cream.
And he also played a lot.
 Had a fun visitor who wandered in one day.
And another not so wonderful visitor bite us... remember Precious?
This one loved putting.
And this one loved flying.
Helped daddy outside doing yard-work.
While others watched.
Had fun playing with the i-spy quilt Grammy made us.
And trying on Halloween costumes.

Spent a few fun days at the park making new friends, and swinging. (don't mind the bum in the background photo-bombing the photo)
And just hung out like always.