Sunday, October 13, 2013

October Awareness

So since my last post was about health I thought I would follow it up with something we did before my surgery to aid in staying healthy. A good friend of mine from the ward, Sandra Jones is a breast cancer survivor. We also have other friends and family members who have kicked cancer's butt and some who have succumb to cancer so this is something near and dear to me and Wes. Breast cancer specifically is something that scares me a little and obviously something I pray we find a cure for. So when Sandra asked me to walk by her side a few weeks ago I happily accepted and began recruiting for "our team." Being that it was a busy Saturday morning I only got my awesome hubby, 2 cuties and my mama to come out, but we had a great time, it was a beautiful morning and we walked together for a purpose. Actually Peyton, who loved the cheers she got, decided to run a lot of it. My side was hurting (from pregnancy things... or so I thought) took it slow and walked it with my mom, carrying Jovie (who did not want her stroller) and another friend from the ward. I love being outside and enjoy doing meaningful things. It was a great walk and I hope made a difference, even if it meant something to just my dear friend.
Peyton running
 Another survivor let Peyton walk her dog into the finish line
 Our group "Friends for friends"

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Annette Todd said...

That was a really fun morning and I look forward to doing it again next year!