Monday, October 21, 2013

Life Lately

Well, I think I should do a follow up post to my surgery since that was kind of a big deal for me.

After about 1 week I was feeling much better, but still not 100%. In fact it took a good week to be back on my feet. I had to go to church on Sunday (6 days later) to be sustained for my new calling, and to watch Wes be set apart (more on those 2 things later). I was still on my "good" drugs and feeling pretty loopy to say the least. In fact I had a conversation with our new stake president, and on Thursday when I spoke to him again he brought it up and I had no recollection of it. whoops. However, now 2 weeks to the day later I am pretty much back to normal and just waiting for my scars to heal. I stretched one this last week and that hurt a good deal, so I still need to watch myself.

2 days after surgery.. (4 incisions, and the rest are pen marks not moles). 2 on right side of photo, 1 on the left and one through my belly button.

What happens now with this? Well, I met with my Dr. last week for a follow-up. He said it all looked good, but encouraged me to wait at least 1 year to get pregnant again, which is fine. Although now that I am not pregnant and can't be, I cry a lot. Like walking through the baby aisle at Target, seeing new baby pictures on Facebook, etc. I guess it's true, you always want what you can't have. He also walked me through the surgery, since I was coherent, and showed me some photos. Pretty gross and cool at the same time. However, because of the way the baby grew, part in the tube and extending a good part into the uterus, they had to remove about 3 cm of my uterus which is a big deal, as well as the whole right tube. My doctor also said this was the most unique case he's ever personally seen, and he won't ever forget me. Cool if it wasn't your doctor saying this right?! He also said I will have to do a c-section because of the cut my chance of rupturing during labor is 12% while a typical c-section v-bac is 1%. Not great and I am super bummed about this. But, other than that, things look good and I am feeling physical good. Plus I got a lot of great cuddling time with my kids, and I caught up on some shows and movies. So there were def. some pluses.

Pluses: Laying around a lot and not feeling guilty. Wes works from home so he was able to "help" so much. And when I say "help"  I mean do everything, including waiting on me. Although he got help too. Our ward is excellent at helping out and brought us meals for a week, which I know my hubby appreciated a lot.

Mentally however I am verging on good and verging on "ahhhhh." Not so much because of the surgery but because of everything else going on, on top of the surgery. I must start by saying, I am not a big fan of change. Small change okay, spur of the moment activities, great. Hair, I love big changes. But big life-changes, yikes. I have a hard time adjusting to it. I like to know how things are, and make small, minuscule changes. However, the last 2 weeks have been full of big changes. Well first you mamas know going from not pregnant to pregnant is a big deal. Then going back from pregnant to not pregnant is mentally hard. Then getting called as Stake Primary President is a HUGE deal. Then on top of that having your husband called to be Ward Executive Secretary the same week is pretty intense. So our life has changed from really very easy going and not having a lot of meetings, or things we have to be at, to having something almost everyday, and getting and sending tons and tons of emails and calls and having to be at meetings, is an adjustment to say the least. But, with that said I have awesome counselors that help out a ton. I am getting a feel for what I am supposed to do. And Wes likes his meetings and being more involved in adult activity. So, while its a big change and kind of overwhelming it is also pretty fun.

Luckily I have good girls. A husband I couldn't ask to be any better than he is. And all is well. My new life motto and the motto for my primary presidency is this:

“Don’t be gloomy. Do not dwell on unkind things. Stop seeking out the storms and enjoy more fully the sunlight. Even if you are not happy, put a smile on your face. ‘Accentuate the positive.’ Look a little deeper for the good. Go forward in life with a twinkle in your eye and a smile on your face, with great and strong purpose in your heart. Love life.” -Gordon B. Hinckley

I really do have a good life, and I love it. I am excited for it to change and for the growth that I know I will experience and the wonderful people I will have the opportunity to meet.

P.S. Did I mention that Wes is subbing seminary for the next month and super busy with work, which is quite different for us too. Good again, but different.


Annette Todd said...

Nice post honey. I get a feeling that even more changes are coming for you guys too. Wes has a lot of irons in the fire and they're starting to get HOT!

April and Jason said...

I love that quote. I think I needed to read that! I am glad you are feeling better, but my heart still aches for you that you had to go through that whole experience :-(

Jill Duncan said...

So sorry about everything you had to go through April. Your emotions and feelings about being pregnant are totally normal! Glad you have such a great husband to take care of you! And good luck in your new calling. (said with a laugh) I would be freaking out! LOL

Sarah said...

I'm glad you posted...I've been thinking about you! I know what you mean about going from pregnant to not pregnant and crying all the time. It took me 4 weeks after my surgery before I even realized I had been borderline psycho and that's when things got better:). Love the Hinckley quote and I'm laughing about seminary...that's the problem with having family on the high council;). Love you guys!

Karla said...

Being far away from you all, I appreciate the details. We pray for you and love your family. Maybe it's good to be busy right now. God knows what we need - that's what I tell myself every week when we walk into nursery. :) Good luck on both callings and keep the cute kid pics coming.