Thursday, October 24, 2013

Forgetful Me....

Oh my goodness, I just now realized I never posted about my Jovie girl turning 9 months old. Annnnd, it's almost been another month. Whoopsy! So, because she is doing so much more now than she was a month ago, and honestly I can't remember everything she was doing then, I am going to write 9 things I love about this baby of mine.

1. I love how when I wipe her face off after she eats she always makes a sound so I will play with her lips and make funny noises.
2. I love as she eats (which she would do all day long honestly) when I put a spoon in her mouth she will bite it and make the cutest smiley face with the spoon hanging out.
3. She goes to bed awake, lays down, raises her head for her paci and then "plops" (hard) down on her face to sleep. (it's a great routine)
4. She bounces up and down to dance
5. Learned to wave... which is awesome
6. baby gibbers "mamamamamama", "dadadadada" it's all so cute and she is so verbal
7. Has the biggest cutest smile and still loves to be held
8. Has the most intense moments where she gets upset and shakes
9. She has the cutest hand bang (up and down) on her legs when we wave to her and make motions for her to come to us
9 1/2. I am adding one just 'cuz its so cute and I love her. When Wes throws her into the air she puts her hands behind her head and then kicks like crazy when she is held over our head
9 3/4. Always plays with her hair. When I would nurse her she would eat and play with her hair. She loves her hair... and to pull mine. ;)

I love this little girl. I decided she is a very regular baby. She isn't the easiest and she isn't overly fussy. She is just a very regular, perfectly sweet little thang, and boy does she make our family happy!!! Love you Jovie girl!!!
P.S. I did get her 9 month photos taken (earlier this month) but haven't gotten them back yet.

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