Friday, September 6, 2013

So Long Sweet Summer

Actually the wonderful part about having 2 young children is our summer never really ends...which is how I like it. I love the freedom of our life and schedule, or lack thereof. No school to rush off to, no homework to do, for now daddy works from home so we can play together as a family, no bed... wait we do have a bedtime and that won't be changing here, because let's be honest, mommy still looks forward to mommy time too. BUT, this is such a sweet and fleeting time in our life and I revel in the fact I get to have both of my children home with me, and that we as parents are the primary example they get each and every day. Life is wonderful, and I dread sending these sweet babies of mine away so I am putting it off for as long as possible. The world will have their turn in my children's life (boo) but I am not giving it space now with these youngins. So, as far as you are all concerned summer is over, but ours will keep on keepin on. Suckers!

Here is the last of our "summer" photos.

We completed our city's summer reading program and the last reward was choosing a book. I was so excited to see a childhood favorite of mine (and Hayley's), "Dandelion", that I convinced Peyton she wanted to choose it. She has ended up loving it and wanting to read it all the time.
 This photo cracks me up because these 2 look the same size... but don't be fooled. I recently had Peyton measured and she is in the 95% for height and 68% for weight. Jovie on the other hand is in the 40th % for both (if I remember correctly).
 This baby LOVES taking baths AND showers.
 Peyton takes tons of photos of her sister, but hasn't quite figured out how to get her fingers out of the way.
 We are also getting ready to start mommy and me school, and learning to write her name is on our curriculum. She always wants to write our names but still struggles (obviously) with most letters.
Most recently she attempted "Dada" with a corresponding photo. I about died at how cute it was. Much better than the Hitler photo of Wes she drew yesterday.
I also got crafty and creative and made this cute headband for me and my girl. This is probably my favorite photo of this little girl... she is so beautiful!
My littles.
And remember when I mentioned Nana pants? Well, Jovie wanted in on the fun too.
Hayley gave Peyton an old light up Polly Pocket of one of her sister in laws. Peyton takes this thing into the dark bathroom and plays with it with all the lights off. She was mad at me here for taking her photo with the flash on.
Being weird and playing in our computer desk.
When I was out of town Wes took Peyton with him to his brother Patrick's house and they went  (along with his wife Kati) to the Led Zeppelin concert in the park.
This one was also taken that weekend. The 2 of them played a lot outside and went with Paul and his kids to John's Incredible. Apparently he wore her out a lot, because this NEVER happens.
John's Incredible.
Peyton taking a bath with her big little cousin Wyatt. This photo does not lie, they really are this close in size. We sure miss that little boy.
Annnnnnnnnnd.... always in our undies. Always.

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Heidi Broberg said...

Led Zepplin, hilarious. And Wyatt is a cute lil monster, so funny!