Monday, September 30, 2013

Monthly Update-September

So apparently I have joined the ranks of you in the monthly update blogging category. Boy howdy I feel busy, but not with anything I can really list here. A lot of this and that and a lot in between. A regiment of baby and toddler activities, naps and schedules and then callings, dinner, cleaning, family and yes of course fun, I just am not finding the time I once did to blog. Not to mention my husband has been hogging the computer in the evenings for work, which has kept him VERY busy (4 in escrow just this last month) and all of it he does on the computer. So the time I do have I don't have the luxury or availability of doing it on here. With that said, I will finish up September, which just flew by too. I honestly cannot believe it is October, I know I say it a lot but seriously, where does the time go?!

A few weeks ago most of my family members met at the $2 theater in Moreno Valley to see Monster's University. It was such a cute movie and my girls did pretty good... Jovie got a little chatty at some parts, but she was just so excited. Afterward we went to In-n-Out for din-din and Peyton was kind enough to get Jovie her own hat. Peyton insists on getting a hat and stickers each time we go and I am NOT allowed to ask, she has to do it (in her words), "alllllll by myself."
 A new favorite game of Peyton's is Superman. I am Superman, Jovie is a magic fairy and she is a princess. Together Jovie and I rescue Peyton from the tower using the magic fairy dust from Jovie so she can fly out with us.
 I recently took the 2 girls to Realis Gym for free play there. It's a gymnastics place that 2 a week is open to the public for an hour. Kind of lame you have to pay $4 for 1 hour but Peyton loves it and we don't do it a lot so it's a real treat for her. She loves swings and this cocoon swing we call it is her very favorite. Jovie was happy just hanging around (literally on me) and watching and shaking in delight.
 Asher's b-day was August 28, but we celebrating on the 1st. He told Peyton he was having robot cupcakes so we decided to dress up for the occasion and showed up to the party looking like a robot... or something along those lines.
 At Fred and Sandie's 1 Sunday all the kids were playing in the backyard. I looked over and saw Peyton like this.....
 Apparently she needed a more relaxing way to swing. I had to assume Brinley had something to do with that contraption, but it looked pretty funny.
 My parents also took Peyton to Disneyland for a belated b-day present. Again she was in heaven and keeps talking about all the fun things she got to do. Bugs Life 3D movie was a little scary to her. I can't wait to take her myself soon. Well, hopefully soon.
 Wes and Peyton were outside playing and he took this gem. When I asked her what she was doing she informed me she was inside her cave sleeping.
 Annnnd lastly, I love these pictures of Peyton helping Wes change our breaks. What I did NOT love about this night was while Wes wasn't looking Peyton sat in the tire and got covered in grease and oil and when I say covered I mean it. As in the band of her underwear being covered. As in soap would not clean her and I had to use Andy's heavy-duty-grease-soap-for-his-hands-after-working-on-his-car-and-scrub-her-clean covered in it. But what's a little oil and grease when it really comes down to it right?

(I suppose I should take the occasional picture of Wes or myself, but alas, once children are involved very rarely do I feel the need anymore to be in any picture).

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Sarah said...

Once a month blogging is better than never blogging:). You have a wonderful life, I tell ya!