Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Goodness Gracious

We have been so busy this last week or so. I have had the hardest time staying up to date on our life, so I am attempting it now.

So, here is our last week.

Monday 16th/Wed 18th: We've started Mommy and Me school. We usually do it during Jovie's morning nap and while Wes is working. Peyton's favorite time of school is craft time and book time. Here is my girl showing off our school wall.
 After school we play for a while before lunch time.

Tuesday: We changed FHE to this day because it was our stake's temple day. So Wes and I took turns outside with the girl's while the other was inside doing "work". Peyton thought she had died and gone to heaven when we went inside the temple to use the restroom. She was so happy and literally jumped up and down with joy. But, I mist also point out how reverent she was inside. It was also a fun night because I ran into so many good friends from my old ward in Chino Hills.
After the temple we went to Cafe Rio for dinner. Peyton thinks this is basically a must with the temple and always remembers the fountain out front from more than a year ago when we went with my parents and my dad played in the water with her.

 Wednesday: It is finally getting cool enough outside to play again. So, we let the girls ride to the park to play. It was Jovie's first time on the swings and it's safe to say, she loved it. I loved it. Peyton loved it. Wes loved it. We all had a great time.

 Thursday: Went to the LA County Fair for a wonderful day/night. We spent the day with the jungle animals, in the barn petting zoo, got some milk, corn dogs, hot dogs, and lemonade. We also took Peyton on the big slide and Ferris Wheel.
 Friday: Left for Todd Girl's Annual Weekend (or in this case Day) Away. I had to bring about a little bundle of joy this year as she is still attached (if you know what I mean). But we spent the night in the coolest hotel in Downtown L.A. Originally we were going to do a 5k in support of the Ronald McDonald House, which you might remember is where Danny and Sarah stayed when Willy was so sick, but that was cancelled so instead we just spent a nice day in downtown L.A. at the Biltmore Hotel. An old hotel with ghost storied, a lot of personality and terrible customer service. I would LOVE to take the hubby back and stay. We were directly across the street from the City Library which is a neat, museum like library and we toured that. We walked around the area and found some fun eating places like The Cabbage Patch. The only downer of our time there was all of the bums we had to deal with anytime we were outside.

I warn you there will be more details from this week/month very soon. :)